The Ominous Parallels

Image    Leonard Peikoff wrote in The Ominous Parallels that, “The Nazi Idealism declares: there are no moral principles to protect the individual; we can sacrifice anyone we choose–because we are acting in the name of the only real moral principle, the welfare of the group.” 

This definition to Nazism is sadly comparable in todays America. Peikoff understood history and looked at philosophy to compare his idealism of America, back in the 1970’s, to the rise of Nazism in Germany in the early 1930’s. The reason im fascinated by this is because of the actions and consequences that dominate todays America by the ones who believe they are in power to rule the people against their own wills. How it is happening is thru a “fundamental” change, which I will now label “Radical” for fundamental doesnt quiet capture the essence of what is happening. Today we have in our midst a “leader” who has shown time and time again that he does not and will not align to any moral principles to protect the individual. President Barrack Obama believes he can figuratively sacrifice anyone as he chooses, in the realm of language, (i.e. Republicans, Conservatives, the Tea Party) in the name of acting on behalf of the welfare of society. The recent partial governmental shutdown would be a perfect example of this because of the actions taken on behalf of the President to deny any negotiations with people who do not align with his ideals and furthermore, belittle and demonize those who stand in his way of full implementation of Obamacare. Our President invoked such erroneous language against the Republican party that he even interjected the idea that he had, “a gun to his head”.  The image that this creates to someone who does not often follow the news or one who watches say, any of the liberal agenda media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN…etc.) is an image of Republicans and non democrat parties as literal terrorists who want to destroy the government and shut it down. This not only polarizes the nation but it distorts the actual intentions of what the opposition is fighting for, freedom and more importantly the individual. This administration has so often polarized the Right wing of democracy on every single issue I can think of that it has now become commonplace in the chambers and the media revolving around Washington to carry blatant ignorance and pessimism when it comes to views of others who don’t align to there agenda.

So, one can say my views are skewed and my ideas of the parallels between Nazism and radical American change are construed, but one needs only to look to the facts and ideas of philosophers of our history to realize what is truly happening today.

My advice being, start with Marx then work your way up to Kant and Nietzsche and polish it off with looking into Saul Alinsky and the Cloward-Piven strategies to destroy capitalism.

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