What is happening today, is what has already happened yesterday.

Are the people who are in power today believe that my generation (23 year’s old) and the ones younger than myself are incompetent? The answer is yes. I pose this question because I honestly believe that the current Obama administration is playing my generation like a fiddle. Today’s youth generate their knowledge from their own professors knowledge and teachers of the like. Simply put, we have created a generation of educated students who are only educated based upon preconceived notions that they can handle life within the context of their own so called skills. Skills that our education system has fundamentally altered in which todays kids are taught to handle life like they do a test, with everything laid out in front of them within the confines of a structured set of rules and reasons. No longer do we have a generation that can think for their own, they are taught how to think and how to respond given the teachers criteria and rules. Gone are the days of the kids who could think outside the box. To understand why this has happened one only needs to look at how the policies have fundamentally altered our nations beliefs and have rocked the core of what it means to be an American. Today’s administration that is full of crisis and chaos believes in the progressive mindset in which everything must be changed and adapted because the old ways just weren’t enough. Obama is one that should take the blame for the coverups and outright lies that he has said to the American people, but he does not. The reason for this is illustrated in my previous statement, my generation is the generation that does not question but just accepts everything they here and see from the media. When the media fails to do its part in questioning and holding those responsible truly responsible, the trickle down of lies and deceit flow directly into my own generations beliefs. So, to wrap this up, I ask people look at what is happening today and understand it in the context that it has already happened in the past, its called history. History should never be removed for the consequences of doing so would mean that our own fundamental beliefs could be altered by someone who truly means to alter them (i.e. Barrack Obama).

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