Health Insurance, More to lose at the cost of what?

Health Insurance, More to lose at the cost of what?

You Mr. Obama the IRS the Government,  can’t enforce this law. I’m apart of the generation needed for Obamacare’s success and I will not pay a fine and I will not sign up for this. So I say break my doors down send in your IRS agents to arrest me, fine me, charge me and demonize me for I once believed in a dream that was American, and I’d rather be dead than to be forced to give up that dream.

Its sad that more people from my generation don’t get that their constitution grants them the ability to do exactly what I am doing. Furthermore, they don’t even realize what this Obamacare policy is intended to do, force them to sign up for something they will not be able to afford and lose what they already have. Instead they laugh it off alongside Colbert and Stewart then go about their merry ways not knowing a shred of truth because the truth to them is seen as something radical…until it becomes reality. The reality is that Obama won’t need an enforcement mechanism, he knows that this will destroy capitalism and thus what will be left is that of socialized medicine for all.

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