President Obama…

President Obama “has the responsibility” to stop deportations of illegal immigrants” Rep. Luis Gutierrz.

What Mr. Luiz has said about the topic of illegal immigration strikes at the heart of the fundamental problem of this glorious nation, arrogance in the name of the vote. What I mean is that faced with the idea that Obama could magically wave a wand and bypass the constitution because of “his responsibility ” not to the American people but to secure the democratic vote in the next election is arrogance beyond comprehension. The continually quoted rhetoric of the administration and Mr. Luis is backed by the statics, they say. Statics that claim and have claimed for years that only 11 million illegals live in this country. This number has not remained stagnant at 11 million over the past few years based upon the livelihood, lackadaisical border regulations, and simply the overall polarization of society.

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