If you like your health insurance you can keep it. If you like your doctor you can keep it. Your insurance will not rise and actually it will drop on average to 2,500$ a year.


Why is it not until now that these lies are finally coming to fruition and being covered by the mainstream media? Ill answer, it is because it finally took cancellation policies that effected the writers and journalists who would not question the administration to finally see, with their own eyes, the failures of their leader. More and more people will continue to lose insurance with their rates rising and their policies and doctors dropping them like flies. Now, the ones who still continue to back Obama such as POTUS Politics, are putting their own spin on Obamas lies. They will tell you that 2nd terms are tough for presidents and that Obama was only partially lying or partially telling the truth. Don’t accept the lies and nonsense the liberal media produce, they would have you believe that Obama wasn’t lying and still isn’t lying even though your looking at a statement by your health insurance that say’s you have been dropped.

People, the American People, please wake up! For god’s sake this an impeachable offense and yet most of the liberal media will never consider this and will cover for the president to no ends. Stop covering and start questioning, is that not what the press is stated as doing? Im glad that NBC finally reported this at the cost of one of their own being dropped from insurance, and hopefully more of this will ensue within the liberal media agenda because it is happening to more and more people every single day. It will be this that will cause the media to finally wake up and begin to report the ACTUAL and FACTUAL lies that the administration has told us. Don’t look for our president to accept this he will blame it on the insurance companies on this that and the other, he WILL NOT accept any responsibility for this because he hasn’t accepted any negative consequence of his direct actions, only the positive ones.

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