Is This Obamas “Watergate” moment

President Obama’s actions in the course of his first and second terms draw eerily similar comparisons to Richard Nixon’s first term and eventual resignation in his second term.

In 1970, The New York Times, revealed a secret bombing campaign against Cambodia as part of the American war effort in Vietnam. Following this, Nixon ordered wiretaps of the reporters and government employees to discover the source of the leaks.

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In an application for a search warrant, FBI agent Reginald Reyes wrote that there was probable cause Rosen had violated the Espionage Act by soliciting classified information from Stephen J. Kim, a former State Department official. Reyes wrote that Rosen was an “aider and abettor and/or co-conspirator” in leaking the information ( Furthermore, light was shed upon this when the Associated Press, in summer of 2013, informed the public that some of their own reporters records had been obtained by the Department of Justice as well under false presumptions with regard to the “espionage act.”

In 1972, as part of Nixons re-election, a massive campaign of political spying against Democrats was launched, which led to the Watergate break-in inside the offices of the Democratic National Committee.

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 On the bigger picture, my own beliefs, which may be seen as radical to some but rationale to others, is that President Obama has done the same exact thing but with the implementation of a far reaching National Security Agency (NSA) and by his administration’s weaponizing of the IRS to go after and target specific groups applying for tax exemption status prior to his 2012 re-election. The revelations of the NSA’s capabilities are continuously being leaked, it seems that everyday we hear a new story and a new revelation. Could the NSA have been part of Obamas grand scheme (besides Obamacare) to spy on the everyday American? Is it that radical to believe based upon yesterdays and todays facts coming out about the lies Obama has told to the American people with regard to Obamacare, that the NSA used by this administration is used for the sole purposes of keeping the public under the eye and scrutiny of the NSA?

I guess, after the unraveling of the law of Obamacare, and the basis it was made upon has made me a stern believer in that my President is a lier. What else am I supposed to believe anymore when I cannot accept that the President wasn’t made aware of this until it happened? I dont buy it and neither should the American public. What we should buy is this and only this, if the president wasn’t made aware of the issue of the NSA, IRS, and Obamacare until it all began to unravel, then he should be impeached on the grounds of being incompetent and unaware of his duties as a commander and chief. On the other hand, with the admission by the White House that this administration knew that Obamacare would cancel some policies back in 2010 and the president continued to lie about this, then he should be impeached for outright misleading the American people and damaging the trust of the people to the one who is held in the highest regard, the President of the United States of America.

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