It’s time to resist

Resisting-ChangeYNaijaAt what point does the American public break? Is it at the point where the mainstream media can no longer cover for the lies and the spin they generate to protect the government and the president? Is it when the journalists, the whistleblowers, the news anchors, the talk show hosts, the insiders, the strategists, and the investigators actually begin to question why?

My philosophy and my answer to this is defiantly not. Our culture has become dependent upon being told what to do and the few that don’t follow the script and stay within the context are seen as radical for they don’t align with the institution and instead ask why . So, I guess you can label me a radical for I don’t stay within the script, I write my own story and up until now I’ve felt free doing it. Now, because of the lack of criticism against the institution and against being told how to live, the government and the presidency have figuratively removed the pencil from my hand, taken the pages of life away from me and have written their own ending. They are attempting to remove my individualism and replace it for the greater goal of society. They have lied to me, they have trapped me and now they believe that they own me. In part they would be correct for I do owe debt due to the amount of loans I needed for college, but does this mean they own me and can tell me what I must do? Absolutely not, and that’s where my individualism comes into play. I have an obligation and a contract to pay for my loans for the next 10 years of my life, I realize this and I understand this and I accept this , but what I don’t understand is how they believe I am to pay for this as well as being forced into a plan that I do not need a medical insurance I will not benefit from.

I have an obligation and a responsibility to pay off my student loans to the Institution, but I have no obligation and no responsibility to pay for something I do not need and cannot realistically afford. This is me not asking why, this is me telling the institution why , this is me being an individual and not buying into the “collective good” of society. I have no responsibility to anyone but god, my family and the country that is it. Moreover, it’s my duty as an American to stand by this belief in god, country and in family because that’s what this country was founded upon. That’s what sets our nation apart from any other country in the world, we are individuals but at the same time we are untied by a common belief in freedom. Our nation was not founded upon the belief that the government was the overriding entity unto which all of it’s citizens owe it, but that the citizens are the overriding entity unto which the government owes us.

There is no simpler way to put it and it is time that Americans as a whole become united as one against the oppression and depression our generation and future generations will suffer or we will fall as individuals. Begin to Question the media and see to it that you do not allow them to persuade you Into a false belief, let your own senses be the guide to that. As for myself, I will not pay a fine for being forced to do something the institution and the government tell me I have to do. I won’t be apart of this because I simply can’t, I can’t afford to, it will morally and financially bankrupt me and nor do I need the government telling me what is best for myself.


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