The Companies Involved In Obamacare’s Failures and Fixes


There are five companies that are extremely important for the American public to become aware of because these companies are currently involved in Obamacare, from the very beginning,  to the “fixes” we are hearing about now to the website. There are 5 major companies that are involved in the “fixes”, with one of them being vitally important to understand the primary goal of Obamacare. That goal is Medicare, not for the ones who have never had health insurance coverage, but for all American citizens as a collective whole. The 5 companies we need to become familiar with are; CGI Federal, Quality Software Services (QSSI), Oracle, Google, and finally Red Hat. I will begin with CGI Federal and breakdown the individuals who are of primary importance with regards to their status within the company and reflect the primary goal of moving all individuals to medicare.

CGI Federal

Is the U.S. subsidiary of CGI Group which is based out of Canada. This global company are the ones who supposedly won the contract of 93 million dollars to build and implement the website, the architects. CGI, based upon which source you refer to, has been awarded upwards of 634 million to 1.4 billion U.S. dollars to date for the contract to build and implement the health insurance website. They were the ones who stated that,  “they only had two weeks to test the website” and the ones who the government is currently blaming for lofty rollout of Obamacare. If you want to understand this company you need to understand its President, past President, Senior Vice-President, and Executive Director.

CGI Current President (Donna Ryan)

Donna Ryan is currently the President of CGI Federal and is responsible for the corporation as a whole. She was also, prior to becoming president, a constant guest at the white house before her company won the contract to create It was under the time period beginning in 2009 and prior that she made her first guest visit to the White House. Under the website her list of prior responsibilities before becoming current President involved managerial roles that have serious implications to how her involvement in Obamacare and the website will function. Donna directed and created web based initiatives at the centers for Medicaid Services and The Central Data Exchange Program at the Environmental Protection Agency. The theme that will become apparent throughout this company is that the involvement within the Medicaid and Medicare services are so blatantly apparent that I cannot believe the media has not focused on these four crucial members currently working on the “fixes” to the website and more importantly their advancement of turning the United States into a gigantic welfare state.

President of CGI for the United States and Canada (George Schindler)

Schindler was appointed head President of CGI for the United States and Canada in January 2013, basically being promoted from the President of CGI Federal to the President of the entire company. An interesting case came about under Mr. Schindler involving Medicare and Medicaid just a few years back. On May 19, 2010, under President of CGI Federal, the company was awarded a five year 73.2 million dollar contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). According to, Mr. Schindler made the idea of Medicare a central theme when his company was awarded the contract. He states, “Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is at the forefront of the National Health Agenda…Our goal is to help (CMS) achieve its vision to deliver a transformed and modernized healthcare system”. Taken to mean everything that this man intends, his agenda with regards to Obamacare is to deliver a transformed and modernized system of medicare services for everyone, a goal of universal medical care based upon quantity not quality.

Management, Development, and Execution Department Head (Cheryl Campbell)

Cheryl Campbell was appointed to Senior Vice- President of CGI’s Federal Public Sector Health Division in 2009. She is currently responsible for the management, development, and execution of business for the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare. Her involvement in the implementation side of Obamacare with regards to the website is shown with her impressive resume stemming from global coalition groups organizing and helping develop community leaders to demand government involvement for change in the health care sector. She was the one who I believe also shaped and created the section of Obamacare that involves State offerings of Medicaid, probably because she is also responsible for the management, development, and execution of……State Medicaid Offerings.

Executive Director of CGI Initiative for Collaborative Government (Andrew McLauchlin)

Mr. McLauchlin is responsible for architecting and supervising the CGI Initiative research projects and events in Partnership with CGI Initiative Fellows and leading Academic Institutions. He leads collaboration with federal policy makers, congress, agency executives, and academic thought leaders. Simply put this man is the one who is behind the scenes crafting and molding the best possible way to implement Obamacare, from President Obamas constant rhetoric and talking points to college students (which he is still currently doing) to drafting policies in which Obamacare will give access to insurance by all people currently residing in the United States. Meaning, the Law is drafted in a way that will not allow say illegal immigrants to be deported or arrested, but welcomed to enroll in the Medicaid side of health insurance.

These 4 individuals within the company of CGI Federal are at the core of the fundamental issues that will become more and more apparent with the beginning of the cancellations of current health care policies, ending with the final goal of collapsing the health care system as it stands today with a flood of millions upon millions of legal and illegal citizens enrolling within the Medicare side of the Obamacare law.

To Be Continued……. Posts on The Next 4 Companies

 Links to CGI Management and Involvement

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