Why you should Know QSSI and Optum. Hint (their responsible for your healthcare oversight)


The second company, or shall I say companies, that will be working on the oversight and have already worked on Obamacare are QSSI and Optum.

QSSI (Quality Software Services Inc.)

On October 26th of 2013, the United States government named QSSI as the ones to oversee the entire operations of the healthcare.gov “fixes” in order to tackle problems with the website. For starters, QSSI also happens to be a  subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group Inc. and they are a software company which designed the websites data services HUB. They will now be responsible for prioritizing the sites (healthcare.gov) worst problems and getting them fixed. According to startribune.com QSSI issued a statement on their responsibility to, “working with centers for Medicare and Medicaid, they will help monitor, asses, prioritize, and manage the technical operations of healthcare.gov to enhance the consumer experience”. They will be directly involved within 36 states, who will use the federal website to sign up for coverage. Also note that Bloomberg Government’s website has quoted the company new contract from the government at an estimated 155 million dollars out of a total of 1 billion dollars. The two key players within this company are the Executive Vice President of Program Delivery and the Chief Information Officer.

Executive Vice President of Program Delivery (Michael Finkel)

According to the QSSI website Mr. Finkel defines solutions and processes with relation to program delivery to ensure successful and efficient project implementations. Most recently he served as a Director in CGI Federal (remember our first company, the architects) where he worked within the Public Health Sector Organization leading critical government healthcare IT initiatives. He also leads efforts to implement key components of the Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug (MARx), no pun intended, system which is of course apart of the Medicare Modernization Act.

Chief Information Officer (Dr. Yuri Radams)

Mr. Radams is responsible for the technical review board and supporting various business development and marketing efforts. Before he joined QSSI in 2009, he served as Chief Technology Officer at CGI (wow there they are again) Public Sector Health Organization. He was also heavily involved in Northrop Grumman Corp, where he received an award for his work on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Improvement and Modernization Act.


This is where things get a little confusing because Optum purchased/acquired QSSI in September of 2012 and they are a subsidiary for UnitedHealth Group. If you remember, QSSI was purchased by UnitedHealth Group. Then (out of nowhere) months after be acquired by UnitedHealth Group, it was picked by the Department of Health and Human Services to help set up the Affordable Care Act Website according to the Washington Post website. The connection comes with why the Department of Health and Human Services picked Optum as the contractor to help with the build and implementation of healthcare.gov and that connection being a man by the name of Steve Larsen.

Executive Vice President of Government Solutions at Optum (Steve Larsen)

If red flags aren’t flying now than I apologize as this is something our own senators and representatives must have somehow missed and surely they missed the fact that Larsen left his previous job in 2012 as the Deputy Administrator and Director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO), Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Conveniently Larsen joined Optum in July 2012 (coincidentally 2 months before his old company granted millions to his new company). Now low and behold the old Director for the (CMS) is now responsible for overseeing and directing the current “fixes” to Obamacare. This comes even after the Health and Human Services awarded them millions of dollars to work on the website in 2012.

These connections, within both companies, show that the underlying theme becoming apparent is that once again all key players have worked to implement medicaid and medicare services in previous and current organizations. What is also interesting is the fact that UnitedHealth owns Optum and QSSI because Optum owns QSSI, it has been absorbed by UnitedHealth Inc. which will now be overseeing the “fixes” and I wonder which way this insurance company is going to direct people. For instance how about a one size fits all healthcare system in which everyone is covered, remember it is quantity over quality that matters for these corporations.

To Be Continued….the 3rd and 4th Companies

Links to QSSI and Optum Website as well as References to websites






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