Obamacare Navigators Manual


The story of who the navigators are and the access they will have to your information. On Wednesday Kathleen Sebelius stated that Obamacare Navigators could be felons due to the fact that, “the organizations the administration has contracts with have the responsibility to screen Obamacare Navigators.” Meaning, there is no federal requirement for navigators to undergo a criminal background check because the companies who have been entrusted to hire navigators don’t have to do background checks period. That would be why, a few weeks ago, it was discovered that the lead navigator for the state of New York is in fact an illegal alien. Her name is Maria Marroquin who works for a labor union group called the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York (ROC-NY). ROC is an authorized and paid for community organization group who works for the promotion of Obamacare paid for by the taxpayers. Dig a little deeper on ROCNY website and you’ll find Maria, research her name and just like that you can find that she came here illegally and is a self promoting DREAM Act illegal, she is illegal and proud!

How many other illegals are working as navigators for obamacare is one hell of a question that needs to be asked! Dreamer’s such as Maria are university graduates who have spent their lives promoting and organizing protests for illegal amnesty. Point is, they have now been given the knowledge to promote enrollee’s of obamacare, knowing exactly who to exploit (legal Americans) given navigators have access to your personal information. With this information they also can target illegals and pass your personal information onto them, or anyone they want for that matter.

If you find this hard to believe then you need to look into the Navigator Manual which I will breakdown over the most disturbing information Navigators have been granted access to. The entire manual is 217 pages long and a copy of it is found on freedomworks.org

You don’t have to look far to find that navigators will have access to pretty much ALL of your personal information.

Page 18 Section 2.4 ( Privacy and Security Guidelines)
“…some of this information will be personally identifiable information (PII).” The term personally identifiable Information refers to information used to distinguish or trace an individual’s identity. Examples of (PII) stated within the manual are: Name, Social Security information/number, Date of Birth, address and physical location (past, present, or future), biometric records (fingerprints), income information and tax information.

Page 18-19 Section 2.4.1 ( Identifying Personally Identifiable Information) “you need to be able to recognize PII…” Examples of consumers PII that you may collect or come across include: Protected health information such as the individual’s past, present, or future physical or mental health condition, Tax information, and mothers maiden name.

Page 19 Section 2.4.2 ( IRS Data Safeguards) “One form of PII is tax return information…before you assist customers, you should become familiar with a tax returns structure and information it contains”. Tax return information is any information that relates to consumers tax returns such as the following: Information about consumers incomes, personal finances, debts, deductions and exemptions. Any action taken against consumers by the IRS, such as investigations and penalties, any private written agreements with the IRS and any background information about these agreements. Relevant information, even if not found on the return (e.g. Expenses) .

Knowing this, I beg the question as to who in the hell would allow navigators this kind of information now that we know that they are not required to have background checks and furthermore, with the discovery that one of them is in fact an illegal immigrant! You need to take a step back and rethink what this potentially means to you and your family if you decided you need a navigator for assistance. Remember they could be felons or worse they may not even be legal citizens of the United States and the information they are authorized to use is the reason as to why your family and yourself are risking everything when it comes to trusting an Obamacare Navigator!