Yes We Can! ….Nuclearize Iran



An article I was unable to write about up until today involved Iran and the growing capability they are using against fooling Western nations (not Israel) but primarily the United States into believing they can be dealt with in a diplomatic manner. So, on November 4th, the latest news about Iran comes from our own ignorance and blinder’s we have put on with regards to dealing with Iran in a diplomatic manner. On monday Iran celebrated with tens of thousands of demonstrators chanting, “Death to America” to mark the anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the United States Embassy in Tehran.

 According to the USA Today post on November 4th, Saeed Jalili, a senior advisor to Irans leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated that the chants and celebration were for, “Fighting the global arrogance and hostile policies of America is the symbol of our national solitary”. This “celebration” came about just days before talks were resumed with the white house under Geneva meetings with regards to sanctions on Iran. The United States and international communities under the United Nations wants to inspect Irans nuclear program to see if it is creating nuclear weapons. Up until now the U.S. has held economic sanctions against Iran so that it cannot create nuclear weapons and Iran feels that these sanctions are unfairly targeting them by withholding money and diminishing their ability to be in the world market economy.

Iran wants the sanctions to be lifted because they claim they need nuclear technology for energy, research, and medical purposes. So, a country that claims this is entitled to it, IF it agrees to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which, in a nutshell, allows a country to use nuclear technology in a non-threatening peaceful way for providing energy for its people without enriching weapons grade uranium, which is needed to create a nuclear bomb. But, with a country like Iran, who literally has a day of celebration representing the takeover of an American Embassy and who chants “death to america”, nuclear capabilities can only be viewed as a way to enrich and accelerate certain attacks of America and her allies (primarily Israel, in which Iran would like to see them desolated). The U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reported that Iran has concealed many aspects of its nuclear activities. Furthermore, Iran has blocked IAEA inspectors from visiting its nuclear sites, which is required by the non-proliferation treaty. The goal of Iranians and Islamists alike is to bring about the coming of the 12th Imam, which in itself is an entire article, but summed up it is their version of christ returning in Revelations. Basically, they believe they can help bring about the coming of the 12th Imam with the destruction of Israel number one and number two the destruction of Western culture as a whole. Why you ask? Because to do this is to be considered a martyr (the 72 virgins in heaven is guaranteed). So, it does not matter what repercussions Iran will have against them, even complete annihilation of their country is a cost they are all willing to die with if they take nuclear actions against America or our allies. How do you democratically come to a compromise with a nation that believes this?

Moreover, how do you ignore the fact that they celebrate a day chanting “DEATH TO AMERICA” then, 4 days later, attempt to negotiate and loosen sanctions posed against them because they need the nuclear capability for energy to the people? The energy to the people would come in the form of the energy a nuclear bomb produces once it is detonated on a Western culture, why would this administration think anything but this? To do so would make an enemy a friend and in turn would widen our gap between the United States and Israel because we believe diplomacy is the way to go with Iran. At least Israel has common sense and when the time comes that they do attack Iran, I pray that this administration knows which side its on (hint its sure as hell isn’t the Iranian side).

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