Chinese Troops In Hawaii (For Humanitarian purposes?)


For the first time in American history there will be boots on the ground for the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) of communist China in America (UPDATE This is reported by Associated Press and Confirmed) They will be stepping foot on American soil in Hawaii on November 12th to the 14th. The reasoning is because the communist Chinese troops will be participating in the U.S. governments massive military, quasi military and civilian emergency response exercise in which a simulation of an emergency to a third world country requires both of our nations immediate response. Also, at the same time there will happen to be, in the U.S., The Grid Ex II (yes there was a Grid Ex I exercise in November of 2011) drill which is a massive emergency response drill in which the drill “simulates” a basic power grid shutdown. The emergency drill will also simulate physical attacks and cyber attacks that could take down large sections of the power grid. The Chinese soldiers will be on the ground between November 12th and the 14th simulating humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to a fictional third country. The below photo is from the Grid Ex II official website.


This isnt a conspiracy post, this humanitarian drill does happen to include the PLA and it sure raises a few eyebrows with the boasting made by China over their nuclear submarines capabilities of widespread attack on the United States mainland. This is the same China that will be putting their troops on the ground, for humanitarian purposes, in Hawaii this week. On October 31st of this year the Washington Times ran the article regarding Chinas boasting of their “awesomeness” of their Navy’s strategic submarine force. Leading media outlets including China Central TV, the Peoples Daily, the Global Times, PLA Daily and the Guangmin Daily, all ran identical, top headlines with outright propaganda and threats against the United States. The worst of which included 30 photos and graphics detailing damage projections for Seattle and Los Angeles after being hit by Chinese nuclear warheads and the deadly radiation that would spread all the way to Chicago. The following is a photo detailing such damage projections and fallout all the way to Chicago.


Does this make you question the true intentions of communist China’s Peoples Liberation Army partaking in “humanitarian” exercises with regards to how prepared the U.S. would be if, say, a nuclear weapon was detonated on our country? To throw more confusion at you, if your questioning why would we allow the Chinese to basically be given the blueprint on our weakness in how well prepared we are for an emergency response in the event of a complete power grid shutdown caused by something catastrophic, then let me further quote the Washington Times over how “humanitarian” the PLA really are.

In the same propaganda article, used to show how China is capable of nuclear use on the U.S. mainland, the Chinese produced calculations for nuclear attacks on the United States. Word for word, they state, “because the midwest states of the U.S. are sparsely populated, in order to increase the lethality, [our] nuclear attacks should mainly target the key cities on the west coast of the United States, such as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego”. They furthermore state, “The 12 JL-2 nuclear warheads carried by one single Type 094 SSBN can kill and wound 5 million to 12 million Americans”.

I understand that our ties with China are complicating to say the least and I also know of the trillions of dollars of debt we owe to China. I am not a conspiracy theorist, Im simply stating two facts: one being the Grid Ex II exercise [which you can view here] and two, the statements made by china with the threat of their “awesomeness” in ability to strike the U.S. with nuclear weapons. What I’m presenting here is yet another question as why?

Why, when less than two weeks ago, China releases clear calculations factoring in strategic American cities to be targeted as well as lives to be lost, would we allow them to take part in a drill on our soil for a simulation in a “humanitarian” assistance to a fictional third country? I honestly have no idea and I wont pretend to have some type of answer. Im simply a guy whose eyebrows have been raised (which seems to be quiet often nowadays) sitting here pondering and looking for a rational answer to this question.