The Power Grid, a Knockout blow and GridEx II

Published in an article by the New York Times in mid August, we are given information that reveals a drill that will be taking place this week that will simulate a “Knockout Blow” to our nations power grid. The drill is called GridEx II, which I briefly spoke about in my previous article Chinese Troops In Hawaii (For Humanitarian purposes?). I felt the need to go much more in depth over this drill due to the alarming amount of agencies that will be involved and the seriousness of the implications of the “glass jaw”, our power grid, of American industry


First and Foremost the grid is essential for the supply chain for everyday necessities and if it was attacked by a so called “Knockout Blow” it would blackout vast areas of the continent for weeks. This would essentially interrupt supplies of:

  1. Water
  2. Gasoline
  3. Diesel Fuel
  4. Fresh food

It would also shutdown basically all communications (internet and phone) and put a nation back into the Dark ages. Stop reading this for a second and think about this, where would you stand if essentially all forms of communication were cut off? Who would you go to for basic necessities of food and water and worse, what if an emergency happened and you or your family needed direct medical attention?

At its basic core, GridEx II makes the everyday citizen shiver at the thought of how they would respond to such a crisis, but on the whole, the Drill’s main goal goes much further than the individual. The primary purpose is to explore how governments would react as the loss of the grid crippled the supply chain for everyday necessities.

Now onto my major concern (besides what I would do if a blackout happened) the alarming amount of companies that will be involved with first-hand knowledge over our nations power grid. There will be thousands of utility workers, business executives, National Guard Officers, F.B.I., anti-terrorism experts and officials from government agencies in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Furthermore, the grid is controlled by investor-owned companies and municipal/regional agencies. Oh, and on a side note, just a small fact, ninety-nine percent of the military facility actually relies on commercial power controlled by (you guessed it) investor-owned companies and muncipal/regional agencies. Back to our topic though, the New York Times also states that, with regards to the companies taking part in the GridEx II drill, said companies are preparing for a drill that will simulate physical attack (nukes and EMT’s) and cyber attacks (viruses) that could take down large sections of our nations power grid.

Needless to say, it is my hope that access to the kind of information that utility workers, business executives, officers, experts and officials from two foreign governments can be trusted with this critical kind of information. Unlike Obamacare Navigators which do not need a background check, I’d like to believe our own government wouldn’t be naive enough to simply give away vital information to the individuals within the 150 different companies that will be taking part in the drill.

As I mentioned before my last article involved the quasi-lateral joint military “humanitarian exercise’ that will take place in Hawaii approximately at the same dates of the GridEx II drill. I know that for the first time in the history of the United States we will have communist Chinese (PLA) place troops on American soil. They will be working along side our troops for a massive drill regarding a humanitarian emergency in a third world country. I just cant seem to grasp an understanding of these two seemingly un-correlated events. For one, Typhoon Haiyan just hit the Philippineand appears to be an event catastrophic enough to warrant a humanitarian emergency. 

So, why isnt the drill postponed in order to aid the exact type of event it is being trained for? Secondly, the GridEx II drill has already been done in 2011 under GridEx . Yet, this drill will be double the size and happens to fall at a time in which a country who could potentially attack us and has already calculated an attack against the United States in the form of their press realases exposing strategic American places to target and casualities we will suffer?


      1. Here in Fairbanks Alaska, which is not connected to the national grids at all, we just had an ice storm that plunged 15000 homes into darkness. Five days later, about 3000 are still without power. You’d think Alaskans would know better, have backup sources of heat, etc., but there’s a lot of complaining going on about how their homes are freezing and their pipes are breaking.

        On one hand, I feel sympathy for their plight, but on the other hand … not so much. We live in a cold climate that has brutal weather. Prepare for it!!!!! Buy a generator, install a woodstove, don’t expect others to rescue you.

        Now, my brother went to turn on his generator and discovered it had died since the last time he’d used it. We loaned them our portable one and chose to use lanterns by the woodstove for ourselves because he was prepared, but just hadn’t checked the generator. THAT I can sympathize with.

      2. Damn I would not be handle to the weather in Alaska and subzero temp’s without heat, thats harsh! Here in Arizona we get the 120 degree summers but it wont kill you to not have A/C unlike a heater in Alaska. All we got here for prepration is tons and tons of water and of course, like Alaskans, we got ourselves our guns and plenty of em too!

      3. Many of us have backup heat sources here — either a woodstove or a generator to run our furnaces. More people installed generators in the last week than in the last 20 years. Unfortunately, the EPA is all over us about PM 2.5, so woodstoves are being targetted for ban. I think a lot of people who thought they could get by with a pellet stove have changed their minds now that they know pellet stoves require electricity.

        Alaska’s big issue after staying warm is food. If the world tilts off its axis, we are at the mercy of a long, thin supply chain and our growing season is too short to provide year-round food. There are people locally talking about converting an old concrete hotel into an indoor, year-round garden, but I’m not sure the community is willing to come together on that without government funding … which I personally oppose.

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