ACORN and Obamacare’s Community Organizing Navigators

imgres-5 Obama Working At ACORN in his Early community organizing Days.

National Review’s James O’Keefe, who helped bring down ACORN, went undercover with his own investigators to focus on the nearly 50,000 navigators working under Obamacare. O’Keefe is working to uncover the outright lawlessness that these navigators will be participating in, in the form of O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

ACORN (The Association of Community Organizations Reform Now) was formed in 1970 and is a left-wing activist group that described itself as a “non-profit, non-partisan, social justice organization geared to helping the poor achieve job’s and control over their communities”. In March of 2010, it announced it was closing due to the sheer amount of scandals that had engulfed it. But where did it go? Where are all the activists now? Well they split into regional organizations under different names such as Living United for Change and The Urban League.

The Urban League which has just fired one person and suspended three others based upon O’Keefes recent undercover video. The video, which I will place a link at the end of this article, shows a healthcare navigator and other’s encouraging people to lie on forms signing up for healthcare in order to get better rates and to outright cheat the system that is Obamacare.

This should come as no surprise due to there being no regulations or background checks to verify who the navigators are. It seems like this would be the perfect job for our old ACORN activists. After all they were the ones who took to the streets and construed the Occupy Movement to convince people that capitalism needed to be replaced. They were also the ones who demanded Immigration Reform and helped organize activists for the DREAMERS Act. Now that Health and Human Secretary Kathleen Sebelius informed us last week that those working as navigators could potentially be felons, you’ve got to assume that those ACORN activists took full advantage of this golden opportunity to become a navigator.

imgres-6Hillary Campaigning on Behalf of ACORN

What O’keefe uncovered isnt a fluke either and with more investigations into Obamacare, navigators are going to be uncovered and their true identities are going to shock those who aren’t informed. Don’t forget it was ACORN who has pushed for a socialist agenda with one of their own (Barrack Obama) holding the highest power in the country and another (Hillary Clinton) gearing up for her run in 2016. With over 50,000 navigators working today , it becomes a question of how many are truly looking to benefit the individual and who is looking to exploit the individual, that individual being the everyday American and Illegal Immigrants.

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