100,000 Enrolled but 79,000 of Those are “Glitch” Free (Obamacare is a failure)

The official number of enrollees has been released by the Health and Human Services and is roughly 100,000 people. This number encompasses the people who have enrolled in health insurance through Obamacare. Fewer than 27,000 people selected a plan through the website, compared with roughly 79,000 who picked a plan through the 15 state-based insurance exchanges. But, in my own opinion, there is something far more ominous about the HHS statistics.images-6It’s get getting little to no attention by the mainstream media and that statistic being, according the HHS is that another 396,000 people have been approved for medicaid benefits as well as nearly 7 million people are expected to lose the insurance plan President Obama said they could keep by the end of the year. So far 5 million have already lost their insurance and that number is sure to increase.

Lets do a little number crunching with regards to 4 of the 15 state based health insurance policies encompassing 79,000 of the plans that have enrollees and also count how many people in those same states have lost their coverage due to cancellations (you’ll quickly understand why Im only doing these 4 and not all 15 of the state based health exchanges).

  1. California led the way with 35,364 people (1 million have already lost their coverage)
  2. New York came in 2nd with 16,404 (don’t forget at least 100,000 New Yorkers have lost their plan to date)
  3. Washington came in at 3rd with 7,091 (and to date 290,000 have currently lost their coverage)
  4. Kentucky coming in fourth with 5,586 (and also to date, 280,000 have currently lost their coverage)

In total those 4 states comprised of 64,445 of the 79,391 total state exchanges, which comes out to a little over 81% of total state based health exchanges. While in total with just these 4 states alone, 1.67 million have currently lost their health insurance.

On the federal side, fewer than 27,000 people selected their plan through the healthcare.gov website. There are 36 states who use the federally based healthcare insurance website, and with a little division, this boils down to a dismal 750 people per state who have enrolled, given some states (such as California) will have more than others.

Back to the state side, if we take the facts to mean that 4 out of the 15 state based health insurance enrollees account for over 81% of all state-based health insurance sign ups under Obamacare, then statistically speaking, Obamacare is undoubtedly an epic failure. Remember, these state-based exchanges have no website “glitches” as they do not run through the federally operated healthcare.gov website. Also remember that this doesn’t even include the 5-7 million people who have had their policies cancelled. And finally, lets not forget about those 11 other states which make up only 19% of all state-based health insurance policies (that’s 14,946 people).

If your confused, stay with me, as there is one last statistic you need to know. So with 11 states equalling 14,946 people enrolled, you get 1,358 per state while the remaining 4 (California, New York, Washington and Kentucky) account for the rest, which is 64,445 total people.

To recap all of this mess, you may be wondering to yourself what the hell does all of this mean? The short answer (no pun intended) is that, on the perfectly “glitch” free state-based exchanges, 4 of the 15 make up the 81% of all sign ups while 11 of the 15 only account for 19%. This means that Obamacare is a failure based upon the puny amount of state-based health exchange signup’s. This is not due to the healthcare.gov problems because the state-based health plans do not, and I repeat do not run through the federally owned website, they run through their perfectly “glitch” free own separate website.

In sum, as of right now there is 5 million cancelled insurance policies. With that kind of number one would assume that the amount of people who have enrolled would be a few million, but thats not the case. Quiet the contrary, 100,000 with 79,000 excluding the “glitches”.


The bottom line is this, the Obamacare cancellation to enrollee ratio is 50 to 1. The question now becomes not if this gap will be closed, but how much larger will this gap become? And even at this current 50 to 1 ratio, when the gap doesn’t close by the end of the year and 5 million and more cancelled plans expire we will have 5 million and more Americans with no insurance period. Therefore we will see that Obamacare has actually increased the number of Americans uninsured, which is completely opposite of what is supposedly intended to do. Or if you believe what I believe, it is working perfectly as how this administration intended, with the eventual goal of having one universal health care plan and essentially this is exactly what Obamacare will force us to do.

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