The Greatest Fraud In American History (Committed by the Man who promised to Fundamentally Change America)


This is the story of the community organizer who became a Senator, a Senator who became the President of the United States and the President of the United States who defrauded the American people and destroyed his own legacy. A legacy that became so important to a leader that he turned his back on his own people and tarnished the view of the Nation he was chosen to lead. This is what happens when the President oversteps his authority and deliberately lies to the American people all in the name of his legacy. Barack Hussein Obama has committed the greatest fraud in our Country’s history in the name of his signature legacy, Obamacare.

What I witnessed, as did millions of Americans, on November 14th 2013 was a leader fall, a man who looked withered, tired and hopeless. A man who knew he was hollow and knew his legacy was crumbling with absolutely nothing he could do to stop it for he had created it. The President, even though knowing this, still had the muster to defy his Country’s Constitution one more time and this time the Nation finally rose up and had enough. President Obama unilaterally changed his law for the last time with the extension of the individual mandate for a year, Health Insurance Companies were quick to react and finally his fraud was exposed.

  • The president Unilaterally changes his Law again but this time will be the last time he ever does it. The question that was finally asked by the mainstream media who have protected the President for the past 5 years was now posed: Does President Barack Obama have the authority to unilaterally change laws that were passed by Congress? Seen here by Chuck Todd of NBC . Before I myself answer this question, I’d like to give everyone out there the definition of Unilateral in regards to the President in the context of passing or changing a law written by Congress.
  • The only authority/power the President is granted under the Constitution is the power to veto a bill or propose (not write or change) new legislation and that is it period. Basically, the President had no authority to change a law, acting on his own accord and bypassing congress, the meaning of when we speak about a President acting unilaterally.


The primary cases you should be hearing about for the next few weeks that defines a Presidents authority and when they overstep their authority is Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company v. Sawyer and the other, which is more recent is Clinton v. New York

Steel Workers Chicago 1952

This case happened in 1952 in which, to avert a nationwide strike of steel workers, the President (Harry S. Truman) issued an executive order directing the Secretary of Commerce to seize and operate most of the steel mills in the Country. The order was not based upon any specific statutory authority, but was based upon all powers vested in the President by the Constitution and laws of the United States and as President of the United States. The steel companies sued the Secretary of Commerece praying for a declaratory judgment and injunctive relief. This case went to the Federal Court of Appeals and it was held, thus giving us a definition of the Authority the President has to act unilaterally.

The Court states in section (f) pg. 587-589 that, ” the power here sought to be exercised (by the President) is the lawmaking power, which the Constitution vests in the Congress alone, in both good and bad times”.
Also in section (c) pg. 587-589 they state, “Authority of the President to issue such an order in the circumstances of this case cannot be implied from the aggregate of his powers under Article II of the Constitution”. In conclusion the argued that, “the president’s power to see that the laws are faithfully executed refutes the idea that he is to be a lawmaker”.


The case involved the people (New York) in which they brought action against the President of the United States (Bill Clinton) arguing that President Clinton’s use of the Line Item Veto Act of 1996 to void a part of Title XIX of the Social Security Act and a part of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 is an unconstitutional use of legislative power. The rule of law being violated here was the cancellation procedures set forth in the Act violated Presentment Clause, Article I, Section: 7 Clause 2, of the Constitution.
The court ruled that, “while the principal object of the Act was not to enhance the Presidents power to reward one group and punish another, these are the effects of the statute. The statute threatens the liberties of individual citizens as there was a transgression of the separation of powers”. The majority held that, “the Act violates the separation of powers as it gives the President the legislative power to enact, amend, or repeal statues already signed Into law”.


Charles Krauthammer addresses Obama seemingly unaware of his actual authority and overstepping of the Constitution. The two main examples given that address Obama and acting unilaterally with regards to his law are the employer mandate and individual mandate.

The Employer Mandate Krauthammer states that,” President Barack Obama, just a few weeks ago used his Authority once again, which he does not have, to extend the employer mandate under the Affordable Care Act”. Meaning, businesses who have over 50 full time workers must either cover their employees Health Insurance or face a fine of 2,500 per employee, has been given an extension of a year before they must adhere to the laws requirement.

The Individual Mandate which the President addressed on Thursday with his so called “fix” in response to the 5-7 million cancellation policies in the individual market also serves as the prime example of unilateral changes by the President against the constitution. Obama lied about his own statements which I’m sure you’ve heard over and over again, If you like your Health insurance, you can keep it. So, what Obama did, without having any authority, was extend the individual mandate which was supposed to kick in on January 1st of 2014.

  • Remember the point of the constitution and the court itself have simply been pushed aside so that Obama no longer has to go through Congress, he gets to not only execute laws but now he can also make them.
  • Now that Obama has delayed the crucial part to his legacy by a year as his “fix” we need to see how Insurance Agencies will respond, do you think it’s positive? states that,”Everyone must purchase coverage by December 15th 2013 in order to be effective January 1st of 2014″. Now that Obama has changed the law Americas Health Insurance Plan (AHIP) responded to Obamas statement on the 14th of November by stating in reaction to the Presidents “fix”, “Changing the rules after health plans have already met the requirements of the law could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers. If now fewer younger and healthier people choose to purchase coverage in the exchange, premiums will increase and there will be fewer choices for consumers”.

December 15th is less than a month away so you can understand the frustration that health insurance companies are having with our current President. Specially since Obama has changed the law, the insurance companies have less than a month to reverse everything they have done over the past few years to comply with Obamacares requirements. According to Rob Laszewski, former Health Benefits Insurance Executive, ” The administration is requiring health insurance companies to send letters saying here’s the plan that’s been cancelled and here are the differences in policies now, you have to give people a couple of weeks to make up their mind , the companies have to re-do the premiums system, banking system and change provider directories, which has taken them years to get to this point alone”. In sum, Obamas “fix” is factually a logistical impossibility.

The grand finale, Exposing the Truth of the Fraud

I apologize for the length of this post, but now that you have seen the repercussions of Obamas actions bypassing Congress, acting unilaterally and “fixing” the legacy he created we finally get to the core of the matter: Obamacare is a Fraud!

How do I know this? Well besides Ezekiel Emanuel (he is the architect of the law) admitting on November 13th that the main part of the law was indeed the policy cancellations, we discover the real reason why. The 5-7 million people who have been kicked off their plans (all of which belong in the individual market primarily) are forced to go to the Federal government exchanges, they pay the higher premiums and thus subsidize this entire law. Avik Roy, a senior columnist for National Review elaborates, ” The people in the individual market tend to be the young and the healthy, they[Obamacare] needs them to be booted off their plans and moved to the government exchanges because that’s where they pay the higher premiums and subsidize the law that is Obamacare”.
This is the fraud, this is a form of redistribution masked in the regulations of the law. The regulations force the young and healthy 5-7 million adults to pay higher premiums and deductibles to cover the older and the sicker adults. This entire law depends on these young adults and that’s why the majority of those who have had their policies cancelled are in fact such young and healthy adults.

So what’s next??
What’s next now that Obama has unilaterally changed his, again, by delaying the individual mandate to a year? Well, in his desperate move to tell insurance companies that their cancelled policies must be redacted for year, all that’s for sure is that Obama had attempted to shift blame to these companies away from himself. The only thing that’s for certain is that this fraud is now in the open and the one thing that I can sadly say is that things are going to get a lot worse.


Insurance companies are not going to allow those who have been cancelled and dropped to simply re-apply and when the employer mandate kicks in, we are going to see numbers in the tens of millions by this time next year that will be uninsured. So buckle up America, this is what happens when a President is allowed to go unchecked, it’s his country now and all of us are just along for the ride, whether we like it or not. This is what happens when the legacy of Obama becomes all that matters, the President has pulled off the greatest fraud in Americas History while at the same time fundamentally transforming this Country into something utterly unAmerican, this is the truth of this fraud.


    1. Thanks for the read and ping back! I really appreciate it! I’ll keep spreading the word and trying to convince people to at least take a look at the lawlessness of this administration!

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