As We Purge Our Military, Russia Advances Their Military Surge In The Middle East


Russia is launching a new front in its attempt to wrest power in the Middle East away from America. This has been shown in the Syria and Egypt pro-Russian talks with the latter just recently developing. Russia is offering to sell Egypt modern helicopters and air missile defense systems in a landmark deal worth over two billion dollars. Marking the newest revival of large scale military cooperation between Russia and our once former ally, Egypt.

  • Furthermore, according to the Egyptian Foreign Ministry on friday, “[Egypt] has agreed to form joint committees [with Russia] to follow up developing bilateral relations including military”. In return, Russia not only gains a new ally in Egypt but they also have now been given the key to build Naval facilities and airstrips stretching the Russian military strength to unprecedented power and capabilities that haven’t been seen in decades.

Today, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhali Bogdanov stated that, “Moscow regard’s Iran as its main partner in resolving the developments in the region [Middle East] particularly with the ongoing unrest in Syria”. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Russia and Iran are allies, they have been for decades, but what is surprising is how Russia appears to the world as taking the diplomatic route when it comes to Syria. Meaning, Russia is seen as giving “humanitarian” diplomacy to help dispose of Syrian chemical weapons used just over a month and a half ago. Chemical weapons that required our Nations direct military intervention due to the “red line” Obama claimed he never drew then shifted blame to the U.N. to solve the problem. Russia stepped in and created the appearance as taking control over the Syria situation and created the illusion of a new Russia who could work diplomatically (which the U.S. couldn’t do) to get Syria to dispose of their chemical weapons.

  • Russia has gained an ally in Syria, once again this is not surprising in that Syria and Russia have had close ties for years, but now the world is faced with the newest illusion that Russia has created. This illusion is of Russia stepping in to act “diplomatically”‘ to handle a Country who they have already previously influenced and aligned with.

I know Russia and the earlier Soviet Union haven’t been secretive in their influence within the Middle East, nor is it deniable that they have used Middle Eastern Countries for proxy wars against the allies of the United States. My point here is that Russia has always been under the watchful eye of the United States to not allow them to expand their military goals, but under this administration Russia’s influence grows stronger by the day. We turn a blind eye to this and at the same time our current administration has purged our own military strength.

There have been rather a lot of firings, demotions, relieving and disciplining of hundreds of Officers in our military under this present regime, totaling 197 as of October 23rd 2013. The majority of which are high ranking Colonel’s and above with regards to rank and status.

  • The numbers are shocking, specially when you look at the fact that during this year alone, nine Senior Commanding Generals have been fired. The timing comes as the five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces are reducing staff due to budget cuts and as U.S. troops are expected to withdraw from Afghanistan next year. The budget cuts come as an effect to the sequester and the firings of Officers and Colonels comes as what?
November 12th The Latest High Ranking Brass forced to take leaves of abscence
November 12th The Latest High Ranking Brass forced to take leaves of absence

Why are we systematically purging the military while at the same time losing crucial Countries in the Arab-Spring? Egypt has now been lost as an ally and Russia has moved in. Obama drew a “red line” in regards to the use of chemical weapons, Syria used chemical weapons and yet we did nothing. Iran and China are outspoken critics and opponents to the U.S. as well as strong allies with Russia, yet we ignore the fact that they are growing stronger and we are getting weaker.

With all the scandals and problems that have happened domestically we can’t ignore what is happening in foreign Countries, not only for the sake of our own Country but for the sake of Countries such as Israel that have been in the crosshairs of our enemies. It becomes relatively easy to forget that we do have enemies in this world who would like to kill us when our own country is drowning in scandal after scandal but we cannot lose sight of our enemies growing influence because one thing is for certain, they are watching and they are waiting.


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