Were White House Officials aware of the HealthCare “Glitches” before the launch?

healthcare_marketplace_breakdownSo did the Administration know that the HealthCare website wasn’t going to be ready by the October 1st rollout? Yes, in fact they knew the major risks (13) of them existed that were critical for the rollout of the website months before the disaster was rolled out. Private consultants warned of risk’s before the October 1st launch according to BBC News. The analysis by Mckinsey & Co. foreshadowed many of the current problems the Healthcare.gov website has had to date and prior to the October 1st date, Mckinsey & Co. released four different Risk Assessment presentations to the White House between March 28th and April 8th.

You can click here if you’d like to read the 14 page presentation posted on Washington Post.I’ll go ahead and outline the most critical risk’s to the marketplace implementation and functioning/ experience and participation issues.

Beginning on page 10 we are given the Core Marketplace Functionality Risks (A-E) as well as the Experience Participation Risks (F-H) and root causes to both.

Core Marketplace Functionality Risks

A.) Marketplaces unavailable with System Failure

Root Cause– Data Hub is a single point of failure

Limited end to end testing prior to launch

B.) Long manual processing times

Root Cause– Potentially undersized contractor eligibility team

C.) Failure to resolve post launch issues rapidly

Root Cause– Compressed testing window and volume uncertainty

D.) No viable marketplace in large volume SBM States

Root Cause– Large volume of SBM States too big to fail

E.) Plans not approved and loaded in selected markets

Root Cause– Lack of time and resources

Issuers may not design or offer plans

F.) Lack on inter-agency consensus on verification and unrecoverable excess federal subsidies in 2015

Root Cause– No inter-agency consensus on verification standards

Subsidizes calculated with less accurate income

Accepting business risks to meet deadlines

G.) Inaccurate or incomplete financial management systems

Root Cause’s- Financial management system release in December

Limited time and resources prior to launch

Due to focus on enrollment with limited focus on financial management

H.) No call center enrollment channel or long waits

Root Cause– Call center tools linked to enrollment IT systems

Minimal integration/testing prior to 10/1 launch

Significant risk of higher call volumes

Most critical risks to marketplace implementation efforts- Cross Cutting Enablers

            There are 5 more Risks (I-M) which I won’t go into depth with, but there are some shocking root causes that are really making me begging to question why this website wasn’t delayed.

Examples: Some problems mention no single empowered decision making authority, lack of a shared definition of success, many functions are contractor dependent and a lack of transparency/alignment on critical issues.

Fast-forward to 6 months later and we see an Obamacare disaster because the website was simply not even close to being completed. This doesn’t even regard the security issues that I wrote about it my last article. Also, what we see here is an administration cover-up claiming for the past month and a half that all of the issues with the website were unforeseen. It wasn’t because, “we had so many millions of people logging in at once” it was because the website itself more than likely wasn’t even halfway completed.

Yet, our Commander and Chief pushed on through ignoring the reality of the website and misleading the American public. Its as if Obama was the Captain of the Titanic unaltered about the Iceberg his ship has just hit. Lying to his crew and the people aboard that his ship is sinking, after all, this is his legacy voyage. What’s devastating about this revelation today is that so many people jumped aboard the Obamacare ship and only now their realizing that their Captain was lying all along, pushing critics aside as idiots. Now all are rushing to the lifeboats in an all out panic while others cannot accept the reality as they sink into the abyss with their dear Captain. Too bad most of the lifeboats are already gone, taken by those very same idiot critics of Obamacare. In the end the critics were right all along even though they don’t know where their boats are drifting, they are not going down with this administration into the abyss.

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