In what sense can a bankrupt idea be called “Progressive” ?




David Horowitz poses this question and elaborate’s histories context of when a bankrupt idea can be called “progressive”. Horowitz states, “for two centuries, the socialist idea-the future promise that justifies the present sacrifice-has functioned as blank check for the violence and injustice associated with efforts to achieve it”. I was reading this book when this quote jumped off the page to me because of how relatable the statement is to todays current society. How is it not? How is the law of the Affordable Care Act not a bankrupt idea? At what point do people wake up and realize the progressive liberal idea of our own President is bankrupt? The current state of society is never enough for progressive’s and it never has been because the future can be so much better! Socialism over Capitalism!

An academic philosopher in 1922 by the name of Ludwig von mises wrote about his own predictions that socialism would not work. “Socialist theorists”, Ludqig writes, ” had failed to recognize basic economic realities that would eventually bankrupt the future they were creating. These included the indispensability of markets for allocating resources, and of private property for providing the incentives that drive the engines of social wealth”.  The basic economic reality of anti-buisness this adminstration has created will bankrupt our future and the law of Obamacare is going to bankrupt our nation by neglecting history.

Forbes makes the analysis that, “In the average state, Obamacare will increase underlying premiums by 41%…the steepest hikes will be imposed on the healthy, the young, and the male”. With the idea of basic economic’s thrown out the window given that an average of a 41% increase in premiums and higher will happen, doesn’t this administration realize the young and the healthy will not enroll for something they do not need that is now over 40% higher in cost? They Don’t. And thus they are neglecting that without said young and healthy people, they are literally destroying the basic concept of this law and creating a bankrupt Healthcare system for my generation and the younger.

Look at how this administration and Obama’s supporters argue that these rate increases are not important. They claim that many of these people will be protected from higher rates because of federal subsidizes will protect them. Its a complete failure to recognize the reality that those subsidizes are paid for by taxpayers, they are not simply free. Furthermore, as Forbes puts it, “it is irresponsible for people to argue that subsidizes somehow make irrelevant the underlying cost of health insurance”. Why is it that Ted Cruz’s marathon filibuster and those “terrorist conservatives” who kept advocating and demanding a delay of Obamacare were swept aside until now?

It is because progressives have a false consciousness of their own. “Being so noble in their own eyes”, states Horowitz, “how could they be so blind“? The reasoning of why the tea partiers and conservatives in the Republican party where so polarized and demonized is because they stood in the progressives way, they were the progressives opponent to their most noblest idea. The administration’s blindness springs from an insularity created by their contempt for those not gifted with progressive sight. Was it not the purest example of this blindness seen by Obama’s statements a week ago that echoed what the Tea Party and conservatives stated over a month ago to delay the individual mandate? And why is it not until now that some Democrat’s are calling for further delays and repeals?

The only reason some Democrat’s and our President finally caved to delay the individual mandate is because reality hit those stupid five million people in the individual market and their sub-standard policies. With this I leave you with my initial question and your own thought’s over this but remember no matter how this healthcare law is portrayed, no matter how many times Democrat’s claim just wait, the reality is that this is socialism at it’s core.

Think about this, In what sense can a bankrupt idea be called “progressive”? Is it when reality hits, cancellations are mailed by the millions, and the American people become bankrupt over the Progressive’s dream of what the future will hold?

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