All Policies Begin and All Policies End with Valerie Jarrett


Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett and her sphere of influence on the Obama Administration is quiet astounding. National Review claims that,”Valerie command’s a staff of nearly three three dozen and is referred to as the first friend of Michelle and Barack Obama. She has a hand in decisions ranging from foreign and domestic polices,nominations to the Supreme Court, appointment’s to vacant ambassadorship’s abroad and selections for who will be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. When Warren Buffet visits the White House for lunch, the table is set for three. She was the one who described President Obama as, “just to talented to do what ordinary people do”.

Essentially Valerie Jarrett is someone whom the public rarely hears or knows anything about, but within the White House she is well known and feared by her sinister nickname, “The Night Stalker”.

Valerie Bowman Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran on November 14th, 1956. She lived for an unknown amount of time in Iran until moving to London for a year and eventually Chicago. In Chicago she worked in the city of Chicago’s Law Department and also held a series of different positions as a lawyer working under the corrupt Mayor, Richard M. Daley. She met Barack Obama in 1991 when he accompanied his then fiancee, Michelle, to a dinner with Jarrett as part of Michelle’s job interview for a position in the mayors office.

Needless to say, Michelle got the job and the threesome from hell was born. Her official job title is that of Senior Advisor to the President and thus, somehow, automatically gives her the qualification of being omnipresent in all facets of this administrations actions and policies.

According to Darrell Delamaide from DowJones MarketWatch, “what has baffled many observers is how Jarrett can exert such influence on policy despite her lack of qualifications in national security, foreign policy, economics, legislation or any of the other myriad specialities the President needs in an adviser. VJ as some call her, has played a crucial part in every aspect of Obama’s first and second term with numerous examples involving her own direct influence leading us to where we are today.

An article from The New York Times by columnist Jo Becker in late 2012, Jo addresses how powerful her influence is beginning with the headline itself, “Valerie Jarrett is the other power in the West Wing”. The Times labels her as being, “the one who led the effort to include the broadest possible contraception coverage in the administrations healthcare overhaul”. She was instrumental in the bridging of religious right and government mandate dictating the law, which forced employers to offer and pay for all of their employee’s birth control, no matter their own religious view.

Do your remember who President Obama’s first two Chief’s of Staff were? Does Rahmn Emanuel and the Chicagoan Daley ring a bell? They both clashed with Valerie Jarrett over strategic direction and over who had greater authority to interpret and carry out the President’s wishes. This was a fight that ended up costing both of these men their job’s.

In 2011 a ratings agency downgraded the nations debt and according to the Times, “it was not the Treasury Department at the Presidents side, helping to map out how to manage the markets reaction”. It was Jarrett who had joined Mr. Obama and a few close friends at Camp David for his birthday. “The Night Stalker” as she is refereed to, couldn’t allow the Treasury Secretary to help map out and manage the markets reaction. This is because, in doing so, she would have to take responsibility and thus her own persona would have seemed weak as needing to seek advice that may have been critical to Obama.

Next we have David Axelrod, who was the President’s Chief Strategist until Valerie took offense to his comments and thus had him removed from office. He was fired due to his comments regarding the administrations challenges to, “manage problems” in its current meetings. Mr. Axelrod also stated Ms. Jarrett, “reinforced Obamas instincts” when it came to gay rights advocates and support of same sex marriage.

Gay rights advocates consider Jarrett their “secret weapon” in the White House. She was the leader in the front on issues such as repealing the Military’s policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell”. Was this truly Obamas own view? Or as Axelrod put’s it, “VJ told the President this was right and this is consistent with who you are”, so he pushed the agenda.

Pete Rouse, another Senior Obama Adviser, recalled how Valerie Jarrett was able to manipulate the Immigration and Deportation issue as a civil rights issue masked in securing the latino vote. Ms. Jarrett successfully urged the President to stop deporting certain illegal residents who arrived as children [Aka the DREAM Act]. While some advisers worried over the legality challenging a state such as Arizona with a tough immigration law, Jarrett saw it in a different light.

She argued that its central provision requiring police to check the immigration status of people taken into custody, amounted to racial profiling.Racial profiling being a civil right’s issue, VJ knew Obama was very well educated in this issue. So, with his lawyer degree and constitutional knowledge, which according to Rouse, “put the issue right in the President’s wheelhouse”, Jarrett once again fed Obama’s oversized ego.

Edward Klein, a former editor for NewsWeek, interviewed more than half a dozen white house and former Presidential advisers over the recent partial government shutdown. He explains how Valerie was responsible in developing the concept of the shutdown itself.

“She convinced the President that a government shutdown and default offered a perfect example to demonize the Republicans and help win back a majority in the house”. Valerie also came with the idea of using loaded words such as ‘hostage’ and ‘ransom’ as well as ‘terrorist’ in order to further polarize Republicans.

As her job as an adviser, she is illegally doing things that the public is not aware of due to her ability to stay out of the lime light. She has changed law enforcements ability to arrest individuals, she has changed legislation, the economy, and even how our military engages. She is the playwright and Obama is her greatest actor.

Sadly and more importantly there is an encore that I honestly believe is rooted in Valerie’s Iranian ideology, The Iran Nuclear Deal.


Stuart Winer of The Times of Israel reported on November 17th that the Geneva talks were a facade with the United States and Iran previously having worked secretly on a deal over the past year. The report states, “The Geneva negotiations between the so called P5+1 powers and Iran are a mere facade because the terms of a deal on Iran’s nuclear program have been negotiated in talks between a top adviser to the President of the United States and a leading Iranian nuclear official that have continued in secret for more than a year”.

Furthermore, the white house spokesman named Megan was quoted by Haaretz (an Israel news source) in a cover for the Administration as saying that the report regarding secret talks was, “absolutely 100 percent false”.

Fast-forward to today, November 25th, now that the Nuclear Deal has been reached and lone and behold the Associated Press reports, “Secret meetings” had in fact taken place. The AP elaborates, “that at least 5 secret meetings have occurred between top Obama administration and Iranian officials since March of this year”.

The Obama administration official is not named, but one could guess that Valerie had her hand in her home countries cookie jar.

After listing just 6 of the numerous examples showing how Valerie Jarrett is in the White House’s back pocket, one can begin to see why President Obama appears as if he has the lights on but no one appears to be home. It is my belief that the White House is in Valerie’s back pocket. We need to seriously question Iran’s intentions when its been over 3 decades since such talks have taken place between the U.S. and Iran.

Valerie Jarrett goes unnoticed and somehow in the shadows, escaping the grasps of reality and the press. As for myself I do not trust a word Iran has said and I finally see how we came to this so called “agreement” with the terrorist harboring country Iran.