Two American B-52 Bombers Just Challenged China’s Air Defense Zone


Reported by the Wall Street Journal today, “A pair of American B-52 Bombers flew over disputed islands in the East China Sea without informing Beijing, U.S. Officials stated tuesday”. This was done to directly challenge China and its establishment of its recently declared control over the Senkaku Islands, a Japanese owned area that covers over a million square miles between China, Japan, and South Korea. On Saturday, according to the New York Times, the Chinese government announced, without consultations, that it had the right to identify, monitor, and take military action against aircraft that enter the newly designated air defense zone.

U.S. Defense Secretary Hagel responded to China’s threat that it will stand behind its alliance with Japan, the anchor of American security in Asia. “The United States reaffirms its long standing police that Article V of the US-Japan Mutual Defense Treaty applies to the Senkaku Islands”,Hagel said. Today the United States stood by its claims and defied China’s order. The Pentagon has further affirmed that,“United States pilots will not switch on their transponders to comply with China’s order, and will defend itself it attacked.

Here is a map of China’s newly declared Air Defense Zone


U.S. Colonel Steve Warren confirmed that they had conducted operations in the area of Senkaku’s as a part of their regular military exercise. As of now, there has been no response by China, but according to The Japan Daily Press,“tensions are expected to rise even more in what may be considered as the first real test of China’s newly declared air defense identification zone”. Different sources have speculated over U.S. intentions but what a majority of people believe is that China issued their statement on Saturday to control Japanese Islands because of how the U.S. has seemingly abandoned its foreign allies and would not flex its military might when it has only used words without actions.

What is really happening is something of a newly established pattern of thought throughout the world regarding the United States and her enemies. This philosophy is based upon our countries lack of response when other nations cross a “red line”. In a nutshell, actions speak louder than words and when our words to our enemies are not followed by actions, it creates a philosophy of defiance on behalf of our enemies and further removes the credibility of the U.S. Military.

Examples of this started in Libya last year when our Embassy in Benghazi was attacked by terrorist’s and we did not respond. Then came Syria when bio-chemical weapons were used and thus the “red line” this Administration drew was crossed.  We then back tracked our statements and claimed it was the world who drew this line, not us and nor our responsibility. So, when President Barack Obama gave a 16 minute speech to address the Nation of our responsibility and military strikes over bio-chemical use, we did nothing.

Then came China’s outright nuclear threat to the U.S. over their capabilities of widespread attack on the United States mainland out lining what cities they would attack and how many Americans they could kill. I wrote about this in my past article labeled Chinese Troops in Hawaii for Humanitarian Purposes. Our response, which realistically I know couldn’t be a military response, wasn’t even a response at all. We did nothing to respond to this when some sort of action in the form of words should have been taken to demonstrate our strength.

So today the reason why China has yet to respond to our B-52’s flying directly over their newly claimed airspace is because we caught them off guard. For the first time in a long time our Country gave words in response to a threat and then followed up with Actions, thus surprising the Chinese because we backed up our words. This points to our growing lack of credibility throughout the world itself, which is growing stronger everyday and will be used to accelerate the crimes and military strength of our enemies. Has our credibility not been exploited by Syria? Egypt? Libya? Russia? and now Iran?


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