Have the seeds of a global war been planted? First Iran, then China and now North Korea


Last saturday our country, in my honest opinion, planted the seeds of war both home and abroad beginning with the Nuclear Deal with Iran, followed by the China dispute with Japan (which is escalating at an alarming rate), and concluding with the North Korean nuclear reactor restarting.

The Iranians have praised the Nuclear Deal as it,“recognizes their right to enrich uranium” and doesn’t appear to benefit America but actually weaken it’s credibility and alienate its allies. Then, on the same exact day (November 23rd) China announced new rules on airspace over Islands in The East China Sea that have been at the heart of a territorial dispute with Tokyo and claimed it as an “East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone”. Beijing further warned that it would take “defensive measures” against aircraft that failed to identify themselves properly in the airspace. The U.S. sent two B-52 Bombers over the airspace on tuesday without adhering to Chinas new policy, followed by a Chinese response on friday by tailing both Japanese and American planes.

Yongbyon nuclear facility

As if that wasn’t enough, seemingly going unnoticed on Thanksgiving from the media, came the warning about North Korea. Yukiya Amano, The International Atomic Energy Agency Chief (IAEA) stated,“Activity has been observed at the North Korean Pyongyang nuclear site consistent with an effort to restart a reactor, that would take half a year to get up and running”. Furthermore, “it is believed to already have enough fissile material to build up to 10 nuclear bombs within a 6 month period”. Could it be mere coincidence that North Korea, who in July stated they would not give up their nuclear deterrent until Washington ended its “hostile policy” towards them, has restarted their nuclear reactor 4 days after the U.S. lifted sanctions and agreed with Iran to a nuclear deal? 

The implications of last saturday are already becoming disastrous for America and is seen as our enemy as a tool to exploit the U.S. as we will agree to any deal possible because our President will jump at any negotiation he can to regain what’s left of his so called “legacy”.

Can you finally see that the world has figured out that our current administration is a pawn? Iran basically took the sanctions imposed on its nuclear program by the United States and lifted it themselves without any enforcement against it. They knew all they had to do was promise they wouldn’t create a nuclear weapon and Obama would fold like a house of cards. China exploited this distraction on that very same night and decided it was time to go ahead and escalate China-U.S. relations by taking control of the highly disputed and Japanese controlled Islands. Thus, forcing the U.S. to play its hand with the knowledge that the U.S. is aligned with Japan.


Even North Korea has figured out that the seeds of war have been planted and as we saw on thursday they will play the Iran negotiation tactic to exploit the U.S. Its astonishing to see this happening within just a week’s time because of a President who must have a legacy even if it means initiating to catastrophic concepts that have come about with the Iran deal. The first being, the U.S. has showed the world that we will weaken our ties with our allies by trusting our enemies, and two, we have given countries such as North Korea a bargaining chip to undermine our national interests by now giving them the power to influence a negotiation on North Korean terms.

What comes next is going to shock the U.S. because we are so caught up in the domestic scandals our President has inflicted upon his people in the name of his legacy, with the next broken promise coming about, which im predicting, later today with the healthcare.gov “fix”. If one thing is for certain it is that the U.S.-China-Japan “dispute” is going to escalate fast and it will be another judgment moment on this Presidency and with a record such as his, look for the U.S. to succumb to Chinese pressure and pretty much alienate Japan as we did with Israel.

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