White House will announce Sunday it has met the deadline to “fix” Health Care website, this is no where close to the truth.


The Washington Post reported at 12:01 Saturday morning that,“the White House will announce Sunday that it has met its self-imposed deadline to fix the Federal health care website”. Isn’t it amazing that this announcement comes 8hrs before the website is “re-launched” while it was in fact shutdown for 11 hours last night? The White House has thus, already stated its talking points in the form of the healthcare website being a success even-though the re-launch hasn’t even happened. So, come Sunday, the talking points produced by the Administration on saturday morning before the website was even re-launched, will be a lie because they already announced the fix as a success before the the fix is even implemented and tested.

As I have noted in the majority of my post’s, the evidence of facts simply do not matter to this administration, for this is Barack Obama’s legacy. The Wall Street Journal addresses Obama’s ignorance with how,“In the last week of September 2013, a pre-flight checklist indicated that 41 of the 91 healthcare.gov functions for which a key contractor[CGI Federal] was responsible were in fact, not working. A week later, another checklist was prepared in which 5 critical defects in functions previously categorized as working, were now critically flawed”. Nonetheless, the website was launched on October 1st and failed immediately.

The Common Feature: In this administration, the pressure to uphold Obama’s legacy, at any cost, always overrides evidence that screams to the contrary. In this case, the deadline to meet Obama’s October 1st rollout overrode evidence that screamed for delay.

  • That is why, when the administration does or doesn’t tell the truth, no one really know’s and the truth becomes irrelevant in the never ending quest for Obama’s “signature” achievement, his legacy.

Remember that Obama is basically isolated when it comes to reality. He is protected by a media that seems to have lost the ability to report facts, an advisor [Valerie Jarrett] who believes he’s the second coming of christ, and a Democratic party who has justified his actions without acknowledging the truth. It’s this last part, the Democratic Party, that has realized they cant circle the wagon much longer because their job, unlike Obama’s, is actually on the line.

Even though Obama’s promises are revealed as lies and seemingly deflected as not his responsibility, a Congressman’s lies can cost them a re-election every 2-4 years. Obama has inflicted the black plague of political damage to Democrats since the beginning of the HealthCare rollout. We must not let them off the leash and hold every Democratic responsible for voting for the HealthCare law.

When tomorrow we hear the spin and the lies I am telling you now, you have to understand that they already released the re-launch as being a success 8 hrs before the site came back online. I am giving you the talking points that the Administration will use tomorrow because they have already stated them today.

It will go a little something like this…”The re-launch was a success and we are getting close to achieving the 50,000 per hr access rate”, “we have improved the website but we do have a lot more to work on”, “but the bigger picture is that for the first time ever millions of Americans will now have the opportunity to access the website and get healthcare”, “the vast majority of viewers were able to login this weekend”, etc. You get the point, Im just predicting  what they will say tomorrow because of what they have already said it today.

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