Mount Vernon Assembly on December 7th, 2013 (A Convention of the States to take back America from a runaway President and Federal Government!)


The Mount Vernon Assembly is just a few short days away and will mark the beginning of the end to to our runaway Government. So far as of November 22nd, 90 State Legislatures and 30 States have confirmed they will be attending. Marking for the first time in the History of our Country the States, using the Constitution, will decide in a bi-partisan (3 Legislature per state) matter to protect the freedom and liberty of the people against the establishment, the government, and the President of the United States of America. State Legislators from across the Country will soon be gathering in northern Virginia to discuss the possibility of Amending the U.S. Constitution in what is being called the Mount Vernon Assembly. As of November 22nd the Assembly has confirmed 30 States are so far attending with 90 state legislators.

The leader of the Indiana Senate (David Long) has invited lawmakers from every state to join him at Mt. Vernon to discuss a state-led process for crafting Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. This will restore freedom in America and effectively restore the States power over the Federal Government and the President by putting a check on what has been an absolute runaway and corrupt Federal Government empowered by Barack Obama.

Senate President David Long of Indiana sent all 50 States the letters advising them the Assembly on October 26th. Long stated, “The meeting will lay the ground work for a Convention of the States that would, when established by Congress, propose Amendment’s to change various provision of the Constitution”. This is not going to become a “runaway” Convention as critics of this element to Amend the Constitution have so often previously reminded us. Instead, knowing that critics will state this as such, Long has also covered this point in mentioning,”The initial meeting won’t actually consider potential Amendment topics, but rather, will set up the rules to be followed if and when a Constitutional Convention is called.


                                                   Click Here to view the entire letter by Long  to the 50 States outlining Article V.

The latest update on how many states will be attending the Mt.Vernon Assembly as I stated before is 30 as of November 22nd, which means that potentially the Assembly,as of a week ago, was only 4  States shy of the 34 states needed to propose an Amendment to the Constitution. Its quite amazing how this has come about based upon a book by someone I regard as a true hero, Mark Levin.

Mark Levin’s, The Liberty Amendment’s, is the major influencing force for this call to action by the states for the Assembly. Levin points out that Article V of the Constitution provides the path to amending the Constitution in which, from the State level, two third’s of all the State Legislatures ask Congress to call a “Convention for proposing Amendments). If the Convention approves an Amendment, it can then be ratified by three fourths of the States and added to the Constitution with or without Congresses approval! 

If you believe in the Constitution and that our current Federal Government as well as Barack Obama are not upholding the Constitution in a way that disregards their duties and oversteps their authority, then please spread the word of this! ReBlog this, tell your friends and family about this, and write to your State Representative and tell them they must attend this Assembly or at the very least do their jobs to represent the people of your state!


You can also Click Here to sign up for the Convention of States website and become informed, know that all is not lost yet. The people have a voice and that voice has precedent over whatever the Federal Government or President says.

Why should the American People be held to the laws this Administration creates everyday when the laws this Administration creates is not held to the same standard?