Organizing For Action will be Exploiting Victims in a “Sandy Hook Anniversary Event” To Push Gun Control


Have you no dignity left Mr. President? Have you no shame Mr. President? That was my initial reaction when I first read about this actually happening only one year after the Sandy Hook massacre. Organizing for Action (OFA) announced Monday that the event is,“a powerful reminder of what we lost a year ago, and a reminder that we as a nation need to do more to prevent gun violence and keep our communities safe”.

“What we lost a year ago” is a statement that doesn’t even take into account the victims and their families and it sickens me to hear how we must be reminded in this “anniversary” as a day to remember by exploiting the families by pushing for a gun control debate. This is wrong in such a moral way out of respect for the victims and their families to remember that day which shocked families and communities throughout the nation on December 14th 2012.

To exploit this tragedy for the purpose of pushing a Gun control debate is outright malevolent, vindictive, and purely evil in its intent. Yet President Obama’s Organizing for Action team has decided to do just this. Knowing they are exploiting the tragedy should shake the American people at their moral core and furthermore, bring to light the moral’s this regime does not have.

If you don’t believe that this administration is going to exploit the Sandy Hook Massacre then allow me to quote the Event Description directly from the website

“It has been one year since the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut, where 26 Americans lost their lives to gun violence. Despite overwhelming public support for expanding background checks for gun sales, Congress has failed to act. Join local supporters as we remember Newtown”.

Look at how the message of this literally marginalizes the victims and deliberately jumps to exploiting their death’s as an opportunity to push for an agenda at gun control. They even go as far as to say “Congress has failed to act” putting the blame on Congress as the ones responsible for not acting as if they could have prevented the shooting. Still don’t believe that this administrations vindictiveness and malevolence is seen in their push for the gun control debate? Well then, let me give you the final sentence on the Organizing for Action website for the “Newtown Anniversary Event”:

“Join local supporters as we remember Newtown and ask Congress: What will it take to make our communities safer? Or tweet about this using the handle #WeAreNewtown?


For myself and my own morals, I couldn’t imagine a more heinous act then the one that took place against our Children and our educators on that day not even a year ago. For the sake of the families who were involved and out of respect for the victims who perished, I am truly sorry my President and his supporters are going to do this and use the loved ones who have died as a talking point for an event. I will say a prayer on that day for the families and leave them alone to peacefully mourn for their loved ones and the President and his supporters should do the same, even though they sadly won’t.

If you want to View the entire message over the event in a descriptive email sent from OFA to Zeke Miller Click Here or go to website.


  1. Exactly! And id say if the big fish throw Clinton in the 2016 election we will need to fire back with Palin, but im saying this right now, if Clinton wins, we will have a Revolution in this Country. I feel like its the white elephant in the room that people neglect to talk about but revolt is coming

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