The Health Care Law Debacle (Obama isn’t Repealing & Isn’t going back) Defiant against 81% of the American People


Despite the 5.5 million people who have lost their insurance and despite what the majority of The American People believe based upon the latest Rasmussen Report (in which 81% of the American People favor repealing or changing the Health Care Law)our President stood defiant. As he once again, like a broken record, went on T.V. to campaign his Law and lash out at his critic’s as a school yard bully lurks the playground searching to pummel the nerd for their lunch money. Defiant in the face of reality and statistics, the President neglects to even mention all 5.5. million people who have lost their policies as meaningless, and instead only mention’s the benefit of a grossly overestimated 500,000 new policies added as being beneficial.

Barack Obama went on the offensive over his ailing healthcare reforms on Wednesday, challenging Republicans to suggest alternatives and insisting there was no going back to the previous system that left 43 million American’s uninsured. The distinction you must understand whether you are Liberal or Conservative, is how the President refers to “challenging Republicans” in a way that marginalize’s all those who oppose his Law.This reference, in my own interpretation, was taken to mean that the President is challenging all critics who oppose the law as for their voices is also their fault for losing health insurance, Republican or Democrat, Insured or uninsured.

“My main message today is: we’re not going back,” said the president. This is tyranny dressed in a fancy suit, hidden behind the title of President of the United States. He is all in on this Law and will not take 5.5 million uninsured, cancelled policies because of his law to mean anything other than completely beneficial.  If this Law is hurting not helping the American people and the majority of American People themselves want to repeal or suspend parts of the law, then how do they propose doing this when our President’s signature achievement is the direct reason they lost their insurance?


This is the White House in action and Obama is once again, attempting to polarize society and shift blame to his favorite punching bag, the Republicans. But, the message I take away today from our Commander and Chief, is that he has lost complete control of reality. Overlooking the Constitution and losing all credibility he once believed he had.  His judgment is corrupted in his view to achieve the unachievable by using political tactics and campaign’s to outright blame the ones who have lost their insurance as the once who are at fault. Furthermore, believing he has unilateral power, he believes he can rule with an iron fist and enforce this law, but he can’t.

When the American People as a whole have lost their belief in a leader due to the suppression of the truth in order to push ideological and political agendas, the People have the god given right to oppose a law that the President will attempt to enforce.


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