34 States have Confirmed They Will Be Attending The Mount Vernon Assembly on Dec. 7th To Establish A Process of Rules for a State-Led Convention


Wisconsin State Representative Chris Kapenga confirmed yesterday (December 5th) that the Mount Vernon Assembly has reached capacity with 101 State Legislatures comprised of 34 States, in which all are set to attend this historic event taking place on Saturday in Virginia. This is quiet exciting to hear because it shows that the States are using the Constitution for Action, as opposed to the President’s, Organizing for Action. The States are working not to push an agenda, which Organizing for Action strives to do,instead, they are working within their Constitutional right to regain control of what they see as a loss of individual liberties and State’s rights at the hands of the ever growing power the founding fathers warned us of in a centralized Federal Government that has been exacerbated by President Obamas disregard to uphold the law.

As I posted a few day’s ago about the Assembly, I was surprised to see the Daily Kos respond with an article on Wednesday titled: Article V. Convention Threat Grows: Dec. 7, 2013 Assembly. The article goes on to state, “we need to make people aware of this threat to democracy and preemptively discredit those pushing it, before it pick’s up steam”. “This threat to Democracy” as the radical leftist website declares, is an outright attack on the Constitution itself and is just one of the talking points that we will see pushed by the left in order to create the false perception that the Mount Vernon Assembly is a threat to democracy. The main point you need to understand here is why the Left believes this is a threat and will claim it as a threat due to their own interpretation of the Constitution.

The two different Constitutions that are locked in conflict are seen one hand by Liberals who support the “living constitution,” which regards the bulk of the 1787 document as dysfunctional under modern conditions, hence obsolete if not, indeed, dead. They recognize only a few phrases in a few amendments as truly vital.

Conservatives and the States attending the Assembly, on the other hand, believe in the old Constitution (as amended) because its principles of justice, based in human nature, are correct, and because its institutions and customs wisely anticipate both human greatness and human baseness.

But, regardless of either interpretation of the same Constitution, what remains the Law is what is clearly written in the Constitution under Article V and this is the main reason, besides my excitement at the recent update of the Assembly reaching capacity, as to why I am writing this post. It is to give you the truthful and factual information that will be spun out of control, if and when, this hits the mainstream media by labeling the Assembly a “threat to democracy”.

So, to clarify what may seem confusing to people, I’d like to give you the information over what this Assembly is truly about. The Idaho Reporter on December 4th reported the information given by Wisconsin State Representative Kapenga over what the Mount Vernon Assembly was set to do. Kapenga states, “As a precursor to a convention for proposing amendments, the Mount Vernon Assembly is intended to start a movement of the states that would give voters hope that the government still gets its power from them, and not the other way around.” So, before the mainstream media decides to pick this up and spin it in any direction they want, I’d like everyone to remember what the Assembly is truly intended to do.

What the Assembly is showing is that the interest for a State-Led Constitutional Convention is growing and that the States are already putting into place the precursor for proposing amendments by instituting specific rules that the State’s will need to follow when they return in January to decide if a Convention will be followed. Remember that they are the ones who are fighting for individual liberties and they stand for tens of millions of Americans who believe we have a runaway  Government and a lawless President who are out of control with an agenda that hurts the American people by suppressing our rights and ultimately deciding our fates in the way the Government and President see’s fit.


  1. God Bless America! and God Bless these brave people for daring to “take the hill”. It’s about nothing less than our freedom!

      1. Of Course! Thank you for Reading this! Im spreading the word as best I can and people are really becoming energized the more the information gets out about the Assembly!

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