A Compact for America (Discussions at Mt. Vernon, an Assembly, and The Path Forward to Article V)


This weekend marked a small yet powerful victory for the people of the United States who believe that our Country is on a downward spiral. At the Mount Vernon Assembly on Saturday December 7th, more than 30 states and their legislatures met to hold talks over how states as a whole, starting from their respected roots, can regain control over the far reaching intrusions by the Federal Government and take back what has been taken for granted for far to long, our individual rights. This will all begin with the American people voicing their own objections, concerns, and opinions to their respected State legislatures giving each and every one of us the ability to realistically influence the course of our Nation.


In Federalist No. 85 Alexander Hamilton specifically outlined the State’s rights over the Government with regards to authority during overreaches such as those being implemented today. He states, “We may safely rely on the disposition of the State legislators to erect barriers against the encroachments of the National Authority”. What Hamilton was addressing is the fail-safe for the American people when the people believe the government has become so powerful that the voices of individuals and their own States reign meaningless while at the same time losing such freedoms and abilities to oppose laws against them. When a Congress does not act to the benefit and defend their constituents, the Federal Government continues to rise the National debt by unprecedented spending powers, and the President unilaterally makes and then changes laws, the fail safe of Article V. must be implemented for the sake of putting future generations on a path that is forward.

Nick Dranias, who is the Director of Policy Development and Constitutional Government at the Goldwater institute has led the charge of what path we should use to arrive at an Article V convention. This was the main guiding factor that the Mount Vernon Assembly was structured upon. “The promise of Article V with an interstate compact “, he states, “consolidates the legislative step by the state-initiated Article V. process into just two pieces of legislation–one Interstate Compact and one Congressional Resolution.

constitutionwithflagThis is known as the Compact for America which is made possible by the use of interlocking “conditional enactments”. As it works in the congressional resolution, this piece of the Compact only goes “live” when a sufficient number of states join the Compact, which in-turn triggers it. Once the 38 states join the Compact of America to set the Article V process in action, the by a simple majority, the states can pass a congressional resolution. Thus, creating a way in which an Article V process can be implemented in order to regain state control over the Federal government and Presidential disregard to the Constitution.


“Fear the V”

alexander-hamilton-federalist-papers“Viewed in this light” as Dranias puts it, “the Constitution text, context and structure are clear: the compact approach to Article V. fulfills the founders vision for state originated constitutional amendments”.

It is my own understanding from conversations with state Senators such as Jason Rapert and Dan Lederman, as well as many others, that the Mount Vernon Assembly has resonated with attendees that the path forward will take the form of the Compact for America.

This is neither a Republican or a Democrat issue, it is an American issue that needs to be addressed before our Country begins to lose sight of what freedoms that were meant for us by our founding fathers. Simply put, as Jonathan Turley of George Washington University stated with regards to concerns over the relative decline of legislative powers due to unchecked Presidential authority, “specifically the recent non-enforcement policies, effectively reducing the legislative process to a series of options for Presidential selection ranging from negation to full enforcement” needs to be taken seriously. Let’s begin the conversation over this from both sides of the aisle starting with how to reduce our national debt by enforcing the people with the power to have their voices heard.




  1. Hi Nick,
    This is great. I just read your beautiful comment at Dan Lederman’s blog earlier today. Thanks for including my site in the related articles. Keep up the good work patriot! 🙂 Alexis

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