The Whispers of Revolt Can Become A Roar When A President’s Constitutional Duty Is Ignored

quote-this-country-with-its-institutions-belongs-to-the-people-who-inhabit-it-whenever-they-shall-grow-abraham-lincoln-112718 2

             A story that has received little to no attention this past week by the mainstream media due to its grave warnings and implications came to us from the House Judiciary Committee Hearing on, “The President’s Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws”. The testimony by Michael Cannon (the Director of Health Policy Studies at the Cato Institute) and Jonathan Turley (Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University) flew under the radar because of the implications of revolution raised by Constitutional concerns over non-enforcement policies and the President’s failure at his duty to faithfully execute the law of the United States of America.


Jonathan Turley states his concerns as being, “about the overall expansion of unchecked Presidential Authority and the relative decline of legislative power in the modern American system. The non-enforcement policies add a particularly menacing element to this pattern as they effectively reduce the legislative process to a series of options for Presidential selection ranging from negation to full enforcement”. Furthermore, “The division of governmental powers is designed to protect liberty by preventing the abusive concentration of power”.

What does this mean? It means when a President claims the inherent power of both legislation (seen in the countless Obamacare delay announces) and enforcement (seen in Obamacare’s individual mandate forcing people to enter into a contract to buy a product, with tax penalties to enforce it) the President becomes a virtual government unto himself. As a dire warning Turley states, “The President is not simply posing a danger to the Constitutional system; he becomes the very danger that the Constitution was designed to avoid”


Michael Cannon reflects Turley’s view as well. He states, “The law is a reciprocal pact between the government and the governed. If the actions of government officials lead citizens to conclude that those officials are no longer meaningfully bound by the law, then citizens will rightly conclude that neither are they”. At this point ill ask the question: Do we as a people feel that the government is bound by the law? I’ll leave that up to your own interpretation, but it is something I can honestly answer with a flat out no.

The question of do we the people believing that our government is no longer constrained by the laws is the premise for, “our revolutionary right” as stated by Abraham Lincoln. I cannot stress this question enough because we now have bi-partisan and left wing constitutionalists whispering and communicating to the people that we hold the right and the power to revolt. As Cannon concludes his testimony,“There is one last thing to which the people can resort to if the government does not respect the restraints that the constitution places on the government…our revolutionary right to overthrow it”

So, when I state that this growing sense of animosity towards the government over their lawlessness and the President’s false perception of unilateral change with law creation and implementation delay as he see’s best fit. Im speaking as a conservative to reach across the aisle to any and all democrat’s to at least acknowledge that this President is in fact doing this.

As an example, in which we should all take note, Turley sums up what is crucial point by stating, “Despite the fact that I once voted for President Obama, Personal admiration is no substitute for constitutional principles”. There is no substitute no matter how strongly one feels for their side, we are all Americans and we are all seeing what happens when circumvention and manipulation of our ideology, our constitution, comes under attack.



  1. Great blog .. the funny thing about the Lincoln quote though is that the southern states DID try to through off the overbearing National Govt and Lincoln aggressively went to war with them. No wonder Obama likes him so much … he ignores the Constitution and does as he pleases … just like Lincoln did

    1. lol I know Ironic huh? In ways lincoln and Obama are similar both held knowledge of the Constitution (even though Obama ignores it) and the Constitution may be the only thing that can stop him now! Thanks for reading!
      btw, do you know if Lincoln’s quote was before or after government went to war with them?

  2. another excellent article Nick. If and when—the can does open. It will be like unleashing hell on earth without an umbrella for these communist germs. This time they all need pulled out of their holes. America has absolutely no place whatsoever for communism of any sort.

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