This is the explanation for the growing animosity felt by the majority of Americans

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The latest poll by RealClearPolitics on the current direction of the country reflects the view of a majority of Americans and must be taken as a warning sign of things to come. This is the reason why I am writing this and in-turn explains the animosity growing amongst “we the people” of the United States.

It is a feeling of animosity entirely foreign to those of my generation and is all to common to those who had once believed they had escaped it. It is whispered about by those who know what it is, condemned by those who speak of it, politicized by those who believe in it, and disguised by those who implement it. History tells us what it is but history is seen as to narrow a scope in the lens of  it’s overall picture. It is a self destructing and self defeating ideology that does not conform nor reflect our values and beliefs, even when it says it does. Reality is ignored by it, logic is irrelevant to it, and it doesn’t care about the individual.

If you don’t know what it is then you have not yet been effected by it, but you will. “It” is my definition of what is happening against the people that explains why there is so much animosity against the overreaching tentacles of our current administration under President Barack Obama. Defined, I used the word “it” in order to show you that “it” is in fact the ideology of what democrats, the left, the President, and the liberals alike call, “progressivism”.

Progressives believe the ends justify the means and therefore the notion that their own ideas of utopia will be achieved is born by negating everything history has already shown. What is “right” in their own eyes is what is “right” in the eyes of everyone else. It is their justification that silencing the individuals belief is needed now for the greatness of utopia that is to come.

The American public will have their breaking point against this ideology because this ideology, propagandized by the President and his administration, incorrectly believes what we truly are. As an analogy, this administration has incorrectly labeled us as an extinct volcano that once posed a threat, when in fact we have only remained dormant and in reality are beginning to vent.

As an early warning sign of events to come, the volcano that is the American people vents in preparation of our eruption. We as a people are growing with our animosity towards the constant neglect this administration holds towards our own ideas. They say this is what we will become and we need them to control us on how to be. But this is not who we truly are, whether they accept this or not, our Countries’ citizens are venting…and we know an eruption is in sight.



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