Socialism is being imposed on Americans by way of Medicine


As the headlines throughout the press blaze the failures of Obamacare today, do not be fooled over the true meaning of why it is a failure. This is a failure because of the hidden intent that is disguised within the law, the intent of an ideology and an agenda that the American people were exposed to over 50 years ago. “It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project”, stated Ronald Reagan in his 1961 radio address regarding talks of socialized medicine. These words were spoken by Reagan over 50 years ago and carry with them a staunch warning of what socialism would look like if it were to be imposed on Americans by way of medicine. Every American should realize that this is the exact framework that President Barack Obama is currently using as he continues his “transition” of the medical system of America to a universal healthcare system.

Reagan stated that, “if you put it to them [Americans] about socialized medicine and gave them a chance to choose, they would unhesitatingly vote against it”. But, if we are deliberately lied to, Americans will find themselves in a well conceived trap. This was the case by the now infamous lie of they century  shoved down our throats by the pumped up rhetoric of Obamas “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it” statements. So, as we transition into the debacle that is Obamacare, as millions wake up to the harsh realization of a cancelled policy, and as lies upon lies continue to unfold in scandal after scandal, the warnings by Reagan are becoming the reality under Obama.

As Townhall Magazine flatly put it, “Ronald Reagan fought against Obamacare 50 years before it became law”. Just as Americans over 50 years ago vastly opposed socialized medicine, I believe the same to be true as I sit here today writing this article. The case in question which Reagan addressed in 1961 came in the form of the The Ferrand Bill. This bill exposed how the idea of socialism by way of medicine would function. The bill was brought about deliberately with the deceitful intention of undermining the American people by forcing them into one healthcare system for all.

Reagan states, “This [bill] was the idea that all people of social security age should be brought under a program of compulsory health insurance”. The bill was falsely presented by the idea of what would happen if a hypothetical great emergency came about that resulted in millions of our senior citizens finding themselves unable to receive needed medical care due to no health insurance. As Obamacare neglects the reality of its “much needed” implementation upon Americans without health coverage, the Ferrand bill did the same exact thing.

At the time, the Ferrand bill ignored the evidence that the majority of the 127 million Americans already had privately owned medical insurance. The Ferrand bill was brought out on that exact idea, the idea that millions of senior citizens would have no health insurance if an emergency was to come about. Completely neglecting the evidence of facts to the contrary, Ferrand himself stated that the true intentions of his bill’s socialistic concept was in hidden in this foot-in-the-door philosophy. He stated, “If we can only break through and get our foot inside the door, then we can expand the program after that”.


It is socialism by way of medicine disguised at “helping” those who need the most help that deviously exploits everyone. As the Ferrand bill on its face was disguised at helping the elderly, Obamacare is disguised at helping the poor. As the Ferrand bill advocates based their entire reasoning by playing on emotion without providing evidence, Obamacare advocates do the same exact thing. Example’s shown throughout the rebuttal of advocates seen when one oppose’s Obamacare (Do you want people to die? You must hate the poor..etc.). As the Ferrand bill intended to bring about a compulsory health insurance policy for all, Obamacare is currently seeking to bring about universal healthcare at the cost of us all.

So, as the majority in 1961 would have never accepted socialized medicine, the majority today, I’d like to believe, would have never accepted Obamacare if the President had told the truth. What we are left with now is a fight against an ideology. It is a fight that is rooted in the evidence provided by the intent of the Ferrand bill that has come to fruition under Obamacare. It is not logical and it is not factual but it is emotional and that is how the initial fight against the bill was lost; evidence of reasoning eroded to factitious emotional argumentation.

Furthermore, as the President and his radical ideologues continue to spread the lies of the true intention the law, Reagan’s warnings of socialism imposed by way of medicine issued over 50 years ago can no longer be seen as a warning but as reality. The Ferrand bill is Obamacare and Obamacare is the Ferrand bill, the words may have have changed, but the intent remains all the same.