Is Hatred of Minority Opinions the new Racism?

You cannot logically and factually disagree with the majority when the majority (President, Senate, and liberals alike) make an appeal to emotion rather than the facts as the reason to achieve their goals.

the reproach of Christ

Suppose that a controversial issue arises in secular society. The majority viewpoint coalesces around opinion “A”, but you side with the minority by adhering to opinion “B”. Certainly, the majority opinion within sinful secular society, at any point in time, is not necessarily correct. And that opinion may change from time to time. But before we consider what the issue may be in a particular case, we have to admit, in general, that either side might be wrong. Neither the majority nor the minority point of view is necessarily correct, merely because it is in the majority or minority. And the same can be said for liberal opinions versus conservative opinions on any issue. Neither liberalism nor conservatism is infallible.

But nowadays, the majority opinion on any controversial issue is being treated as if it were absolute infallible truth. Even if the same opinion were in the minority less than…

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