The Muslim Brotherhood has infested the U.S. (The Ideology of Obama’s Government)

64938_458201857560949_1282610626_n1-e136985994719011-500x341For far too long I have questioned the President and his actions towards the American people that have predominately reflected an ideology I have had trouble pinpointing, until now. On friday, retired U.S. Air Force General Tom Mclnerney spoke directly to my concerns in an article published by the World Net Daily. The General stated, “We’ve got Muslim Brotherhood in the United States government today…and there is a list of them ranging from 10 to 15 different individuals” all of which are currently working actively within the oval office. It is an answer that I have long searched for but has always evaded me. Knowing how influential Valerie Jarrett has become, the most logical and factual reasoning I have concluded based on General Mclnerney’s assertions among numerous other examples,is that the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood is the ideology that dominates the policies of the U.S. government home and abroad.

Examples become increasingly evident of the true motives and nature in which the Obama adminstration is currently working to undermine the American way of life based upon the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic world view. Examples come in two forms, the first being the indoctrination of Islamic Law over our own and secondly the administrations frightening willingness to help the Brotherhood achieve their goals abroad.

In an article written by Pamela Geller titled The Islamization of America in 2013, we can begin to identify just a few of the examples in which Islamic Sharia Law is being imposed domestically. Geller states, “In America, wherever Islamic law and American law conflict, it is increasingly American law that gives way”. This should be understood in a way that reflects just a glimpse of how Sharia law is beginning to hold precedent over our own.

In November of 2012 Sharia law reared its ugly head in my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. The case involved Islamic “honor violence” in which, under Islam, is encouraged involving the punishment of ones own offspring. In this case a Muslim mother was sentenced to mere probation after savagely beating her teenage daughter because the girl refused to go along with an arranged marriage her parents had set up with a 38 year old man. The girls mother and sister admitted to tying her to a bed with a rope, beating her, and then burning her face and chest while her father attempted to kill her by stabbing her in the throat with a knife. The mother and father were only given a sentence of 2 years probation for disorderly conduct and with that, Sharia law was given precedent over our own.

The war on the home front is fueled by cases such as the one in Arizona and furthermore, is given protection and legal standing to practice their Islamic views under the disguise of being labeled a “moderate” organization. The most prominent Organization being the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR for short. This organization has direct ties with terrorist groups such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, yet receives the justification of being a moderate organization. CAIR in itself has infiltrated our laws and schools and is deserving of an article to its own with examples, but for now I’d like to look more in depth at how our foreign policies under Obama are in fact adhering to Islamic terrorists.


Bob Unruh of WND regards the Muslim Brotherhood dominated revolutions in the middle east defined as the “Arab Spring” to be more of an “Islamic Awakening” perpetuated by Obama’s non-American worldview. He states, “The U.S. policy has undergone such a drastic shift in the outright support of jihadist movements that it is scarcely recognizable as American anymore”.

Before we can even look at the mess that has become the middle east, we must first understand the Administrations rationale behind its counter-terror strategy that was exposed and delivered in a speech by Obama in 2009 to the Muslim world at Cairo University. Caroline Glick from Jpost writes, “Obamas assertion in 2009 is that radical Islam is not inherently hostile to the United States. Therefore America can appease radical islamists and once appeased, they will become U.S. allies and replace the allies the U.S. abandons to appease the radical Muslims. With this statement alone that regards how Obama views radical Islam as not being a threat, one can understand just how anti-American this adminstration has been from the very beginning.

As one of the leading examples of this, we must look at Egypt. As Obama hailed and lent his support to Egypt’s first “freely” elected President Mohamed Morsi, we saw how purely evil the administrations true intentions had become. Then, in less than 2 years, we saw the Egyptian Army overthrow Morsi and his officials for their ties and connections with terrorist organizations, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood. On display for the whole world to see was that President Obama supported a terrorist in Morsi and his leadership in the Brotherhood even at the oust of his Presidency by a call to revolt on behalf of the Egyptian people backed by their military. Obama supported Morsi and didn’t support the people of Egypt when the people themselves wanted to combat terrorism that had infiltrated a position of leadership.

Egypt was only the beginning as we saw Syria cross Obama’s “red-line” with the use of chemical weapons and nothing was done, followed by the deal with Iran to lift sanctions for Iran’s agreement to shutdown and reduce their ability to enrich uranium. It should shock people at the reality of the ramifications of this “agreement” as we see Iran continuing to enrich uranium to percentages that will soon make it capable of creating a nuclear weapon while the Adminstration is seemingly advancing Iran’s ability to do so.

In closing, as I know their are numerous more examples of the Muslim Brotherhood infesting the American way of life with the policy of appeasement both home and abroad, we as a nation must ask ourselves this question, Is America under attack from within? How much more of this can we take in America, let alone the world?


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