His Agenda (President Barack Obama’s) Is Not Ours (The People of America)

WideModern_Obama_140115620x413As President Barack Obama declares his power, as reported by CBS DC/AP on his executive actions, “I’ve Got A Pen, And Iv’e Got A Phone”, I’ll go ahead and add to that statement, he also has an agenda. As by now it has become more apparent than ever before that this man (Obama), his policies, his views, his orders, and his agenda are distinctly just that, his. It is not “ours” and by “ours” I mean Americans as a whole. This distinction must be made for the sake of America as a whole because the world holds such a viewpoint that see’s Obamas agenda as a reflection of what all American’s believe.

Yet, as a babbling brook under a roaring river masks the power of the rapids, Obama’s agenda masks and takes for granted the power of the American consciousness. Meaning, when the President claims, as he has done this week, that he wants to “advance a mission in an effort to unify all Americans” he neglects the irony in that his agenda is unifying all Americans against him.

The next question then becomes this: What executive action’s are we in store for by Obama and his agenda? The countless justifications the President states for the use of Executive Actions, according to WND, ranges from “Our kids getting the best education possible” to ensuring, “our businesses get the help they  need to grow and advance”. By using such justification as reason to impose executive actions, any opposition to such actions become increasingly more difficult to stop. Moreover, thru Obamas agenda, which gives individual appointees the ability to enforce regulations and rules, the law become relative to some and meaningless to others.

As legal expert Judge Andrew Napolitano elaborates on the issue of Obama’s administrative state, “it allows a President through his appointees to issue rules and regulations, impose requirements and change America”. It is the way Obama is fundamentally changing America and it is destroying the rule of law the constitution of the United States was intended to protect by Obamas circumvention of Congress. Barack Obama not only dismisses the Constitution, he outright preaches hate for it and all it stands for in his path to “change”.


Take for instance iNorth Carolina on Wednesday President Obama reiterated the rhetoric to outright circumvent the authority of congress, once again, in an attempt to push his agenda. Obama stated, “When I can act on my own without Congress, I’m going to do so” in regards to bolstering the manufacturing hub that is North Carolina. The substance of the rest of his speech is irrelevant when statements such as these are posed as a means to change.

Pat Buchanan explains the Presidents contempt for congress by outlining that Obama has signaled that he will bypass Congress and use his executive powers to advance his agenda of national transformation. What is more apparent to myself and Pat is that there appears to be no push back or even defense by Congress to acknowledge the fact that the President is proclaiming the authority to seemingly do whatever he wants with or without congressional approval, the law. Buchanan alludes to this fact in stating, “this dismissal of Congress has gone almost unprotested. In an earlier age it might have evoked talk of impeachment. But not now”. My question to this is simple: Why?

For what its worth at least Speaker of the House John Boehner acknowledged my question in response to Obama’s statement over issuing executive actions to push his agenda. Boehner stated on thursday, “I would remind the President he also has a constitution and an oath of office he took”. The President of the United States of America, in his second term in office with almost 6 total years under his belt, sadly must be reminded of the reason as to why we have a constitution in the first place. This is by no means an understatement and if left as such, then who will be left to remind the President that he serves the interest of the American people, not his agenda? But our agenda.




  1. I have predicted Comrade Obama’s selfish and damaging agenda on America since his first campaign. I always have said he is a glorified used car salesman telling America what they wanted to hear but deep down he had a more sinister plan. It is unfortunate that much of America believed his tales and now half way through his second term Americans are finally waking up and realizing that they made a huge mistake that will haunt and hurt this nation for years to come.

  2. The President pushes and Congress and the Supreme Court do not react. Of even greater account, seems to me, neither does the public. Does a constitution that does not move the hearts of the people even exist?

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