5 Years America, How Quickly We Have Fallen

11-09-unemployment-thumb-410x336On January 20th, 2009 Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office as the 44th President of The United States of America. Five short years later, the country has began to implode. I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic but as an American I cannot see the “hope” in Obama’s “hope and change”. To me only the “change” remains and it is increasing while imploding at an alarming rate. Take for a second and ask yourself this: Are you better off today than you were five years ago? Emotions aside, I will present to you some of the facts under this Administrations policies that have been detrimental to my country. As facts do not lie and statistics have no partisan bias, no matter how the Obama adminstration attempts to spin it. The statistics are the change that the President preached five years ago that reflect everything but hope. These are simply the statistics that bare based on facts of how quickly my beloved country has fallen in the past five years.

Back in January of 2009, According to the The Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.6 million people unemployed for more than 6 months, a statistic known as long-term unemployment. Today, there are currently 5 million people who have been unemployed for more than 6 months. The rate has sky-rocketed under Obama and this is not due to the “baby-boomers” coming into retirement. As Urban Institute’s latest study on “Who Are the Long-Term Unemployed” states, “the long-term unemployed have much more in common with workers who are newly unemployed or workers who have become discouraged and dropped out of the labor force”. Meaning, people are not only becoming more dependent on the Government but they are also giving up on the “hope” Obama promised them at an alarming 100% rate.

Contrary to the lies of the President and his adminstration, FactCheck.org claims that an unemployment rate that is down by 6.7% literally means nothing when long-term unemployment is up by almost 100%. In fact, what it means is that more jobs today are in reality part-time, even though unemployment is down. It does not negate the fact that because more part-time jobs are available today, they come at the price of a doubling of long-term unemployment

Next, we have President Obama’s “anti-poverty” efforts that have had more of a negative impact on the overall number of people who are now below the poverty line than ever before. The Washington Times states that, “A record 47 to 50 million Americans live below the poverty line, about 13 million more than when he [Obama] took office”. Meaning, that according to Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, a specialist on welfare and poverty, Obama’s anti-poverty efforts, “are basically to give more people more free stuff”. The statistics show the fact that today 1 out of every 7 Americans are living below the federally defined $23,492 poverty line.

The President responded to this in a simple “kick the can down the road” policy that increases funding to those on poverty while increasing the poverty level and ignoring the problem, for a later time. Therefore he can justify the continuing funding to those in poverty because his policies them-self have greatly increased the millions he needs to sustain such an ever growing level of poverty within the United States.


In 2009, when Barack Obama entered his first year of the Presidency the United States National Debt sat at a little over 10 trillion dollars. Today, in only 5 years, the U.S. National Debt sits at 17.2 trillion dollars. Under former President Bush our debt was at 5.6 trillion dollars, by the time he left office 8 years later, the debt stood at 9.9 trillion dollars. Why is this relevant? Well, under Bush the debt grew over 4 trillion dollars in the span of 8 years while under Obama the debt has grown almost 7 trillion dollars in only 5 years. Broken down this means that George Bush grew the National Debt at a rate of 500 billion a year for 8 years. Under Obama, the debt has grown at a rate of 1.4 trillion dollars a year for 5 years.

This is an amazingly shocking statistic to look at because it shows not only how far our Country has fallen under Obama, but that under Obama, we are falling faster than we have ever fallen before. Worse than this is what it means to our future and according to FactCheck.org that future is bleak. They state, ” At that rate, the debt owed will more than double during the Obama Presidency”. In his 8 year tenure in office, the President will have done more damage to this Country, financially speaking, than any other President before him combined.

Finally, if these statistics were not bad enough, we must not take for granted the Government’s ability to outright lie to the people when it comes to the real unemployment rate. As Wall street advisor David John Marotta of Washington Examiner calculates, “the actual unemployment rate of those not working is at a sky high 37.2 %”. Marotta claims the government isnt being honest because “the unemployment rate only describes people who are currently working or looking for work”, leaving out a huge chunk of the population. Unemployment in its truest definition, meaning the portion of people who do not have any job, is 37.2%. This literally describes how many people are not able to, do not want to or cannot find a way to work.

Statistics aside, these factors in sum show just how far my Country has fallen and this severely undermines the will of the American people by inhibiting the idea of “hope” and instilling a sense of “change” that is anything but Capitalism.  As it appears now, the President is succeeding in his plans to institute a dependent, hopeless, and welfare state of change to my Country…and he is doing it without anyone stopping him nor holding him accountable in just these past five short years.


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