Shocking Video of Hillary Clinton

Current Opinions of News



Banned by the Media. Obviously, the Media is acting like socialists/communists, and they refuse to tell the American people the truth.

Hillary Clinton is allegedly a felon and should be in prison for many, many years. How does she and Barry Soetoro get away with such crimes?

They cannot do it by themselves. They have help. Anyone or any organization that aids a criminal or one who is a suspect in a crime becomes an accomplice to the crime.

So—is the News Media an accomplice to crime?

I used to be a newspaper journalist with the ideals of honest journalism tucked safely away in my heart, but when I saw how the Media is biased and often covers up the truth, I lost my desire to be in journalism.

People, listen, please—it was a damn big mistake to elect Barack Obama the first time and absolutely insane to…

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  1. Nick, the evil seeded in these people is just hard to comprehend. I have been doing research on my own for the last 5 yrs. After awakening to just how much of a communist threat we were facing. Just read an article on “What Is The Real Truth” that I can only hope and pray is solid. Sounds like justice may be on the way for many if not all in The Cabal. The American people have been sorely taken advantage of. Patriotic Americans especially. Hang on, the next few months should be interesting.

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