My Vote Means Nothing Compared To An Illegal Immigrant’s

a18d29a33d2269044a0f6a706700c7e4_s640x423As House Speaker John Boehner presented a set of principles to Republican lawmakers late this week that would offer undocumented immigrants a pathway to legalization, I’m once again reminded that my America is under attack. It us under attack from establishment politicians, corrupted agencies, and an imperial Presidency who have all but forgotten the reality outside the beltway of Washington, D.C. That reality being the voice and more importantly the principles unto which ordinary people like myself call distinctly American.

To become an American is to assimilate into our way of life by legally following our immigration policies like my grandfather did over 80 years ago, just as so many others continue to do today. My own voice as an American today is now unfortunately becoming irrelevant in comparison to the reality of an illegal immigrants.

Today the popular rhetoric and myth that there are “10 to 11 million undocumented workers in the country” is misleading, disingenuous and blatantly false. The real number, according to Immigration Counters, is estimated at 25 million Illegal aliens in the country with over 23 billion dollars being wired to Mexico since January of 2006. The reason these numbers are accurate is because of how Immigration Counters analyzes the government and state statistics.

They state that, “The 10 to 11M figure fails to factor in the chain migration unemployed dependent family members (wives, grandparents, migrant children, migrant girlfriends, single mothers, anchor babies), the adult unemployed, those incarcerated, transients and fugitives. Taken together and cross referenced against Census/Immigration statistics, 25 million appears to be the most realistic estimate of the true amount of illegal immigrants currently “in the shadows” living within the United States.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 7.26.53 PM

With this knowledge in hand, one does not need to wonder why the President and now the Republican establishment is pushing amnesty for illegals. It is all about the vote, nothing else. Regardless of the fact that there are today nine million fewer jobs in the labor force than when Obama was inaugurated in 2009. The establishment in Washington also disregards that 92 million Americans are not working. Putting this reality away and pushing politics to the forefront, we can begin to see just how important the Hispanic vote has become to both Democrats and Republicans.


An analysis by Phillis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum argues that adding immigrants will doom the Republican party. The analysis looked at immigrants ideologies and found that, “they are likely to be liberal on social issues, to use welfare programs at a higher rate than the Native population, and to come from countries where the government plays expansive roles in their lives”. Their inherently anti-American ideologies that focused on their supposed “rights” became the national backdrop of the government shutdown last October.


On October 10th 2013 in the midst of the government shutdown, my America was dealt a crushing blow by the Obama adminstration and Democrats alike. While the Obama Adminstration barricaded a World War II memorial in order to deny veterans access to its National Mall location in Washington D.C., illegal aliens and their supporters, including several Democrat lawmakers, such as Nancy Pelosi, were permitted to hold a rally demanding rights for illegal immigrants. This hypocrisy was conveniently hidden and not reported by the main stream media. This example just goes to show how anti-American Obama’s adminstration and Democrats have become with regards to illegal’s “rights” over our own veterans.

Remember that illegal aliens have no “rights” when it comes to demanding our government to provide them with their entitlements because they are in fact criminals. In a letter from the head of the labor union that represents U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Kenneth Palinkas, alludes to every American’s nightmare. He states that, “an influx [of illegal immigrants] would overload the system and leads to criminals being approved to remain in the United States”.

Furthermore, Palinkas adds that, “the USCIS is not equipped to handle this workload, and due to political interference in its mission, is not empowered to deny admission to all those who should be denied due to ineligibility”. The root cause of this comes from the Obama Adminstration and its willingness to not only help illegal immigrants enter this country, but also strip the enforcement capabilities of the officers themselves to effectively guard our boarder. With our boarder seemingly becoming nothing more than an iconic symbol of the past, we as Americans need to become aware that our establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle are presenting false information to justify their support of Obama’s demands. Those demands being amnesty for Illegals, also known as securing the hispanic vote.


  1. excellent article Nick. Love the picture of Rangel in cuffs! I want to see everyone of these Rats in shackles and chains for what they (have done) and are doing to the United States of America. Past and present politicians. I live for the day buddy.

      1. I think more social media connections: Facebook (which I refuse to be part of), Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin, Google, actually there are probably a hundred.
        Get someone to ask a question on Yahoo questions and you answer it with your link. I got thousands of views from this! It was on my post that All the mass murderers were Democrats.
        Good luck. You’ve got a good way of viewing things in a fresh way.

      2. Thank you for the advice! I never even thought about that with yahoo answers! I’ll get right on that immediately and once again appreciate your insights!

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