Obama’s Foreign Policy Is A Failure

1391443767006.cachedYesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that he, “no longer believes the administrations approach to the crisis in Syria is working”. In a closed-door meeting, Kerry also conceded that, “Peace talks have failed, and now its time to arm the moderate opposition before local Al-Qaeda fighters try to attack the United States”. Al-Qaeda has gained more strength and more power under Obama’s foreign policy agenda which neglects to acknowledge and recognize that this is a real and credible threat. His policy that declared “terrorism as defeated” and labeled Al-Qaeda as a “junior varsity” team directly contradicts the reality of not only Al-Qaeda but their aspirations as well.

Those aspirations came in the form of the terrorist attack on our Embassy in Benghazi,which Obama and his adminstration knowingly lied about. In doing this the President gave the boost that a terrorist organization needs in order to thrive. That being absolutely no retaliation, no action and no response by the United States of America.

Much to the contradiction of Obama’s “reality”, Kerry further stated that, “The Al-Qaeda threat is real and it is getting out of hand”. Yesterday’s revelations have demonstrated that our President is in fact deliberately ignoring terrorism while at the same time strengthening these organizations because his foreign policies are a failure. Our enemies know this, Russia knows this, Iran knows this, and the world knows this, yet our President doesn’t recognize this and rejects this as the reality.

After Benghazi, which I believe was a test in the worse sense, terrorists put Obama’s policy on the world stage. Seeing his response to the attack with a cover-up perpetrated by his adminstration, terrorists were given something that they could have only dreamt about. This being an open door for terrorists and our enemies to manipulate America, knowing Obama’s adminstration will give them (our enemies) the benefit of the doubt.

In a statement last week, Congressman Devin Nunes of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, stated that, “The war on terror is far from over”. Alluding to the fact that the President did not decimate Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or Islamic Extremists, Congressman Nunes exposes Obama’s outright lie in the form of Obama’s empty rhetoric to the contrary. As the President declared that “core” Al-Qaeda is devastated and now only splinter “JV” groups remain, Nunes declares this as a lie. Nunes insist,”To differentiate between these groups is ridiculous. The adminstration spun these new references to get re-elected and it stemmed from the Benghazi disaster”.


As I noted before, as devastating as Benghazi was with 4 Americans including an Ambassador being killed, it set the precedent with regards to Obama’s foreign policy agenda.

The following year after Benghazi former CIA Director Michael Hayden stated, “because of Obama’s incompetence and inaction in Syria, we gave the Russians an opportunity to become a player in the Middle East again”. Hayden goes on to mention that Obama’s initial “red-line” statement on Syria, followed by a failure to act, “showed how inept we are”. Just as Kerry mentioned yesterday that Russia is working with Syria and Syria has literally done nothing to destroy its chemical weapons, Obama has directly strengthen Russia’s advancement and has ignored that Syria is now infested with terrorists.

As if this was not alarming enough, we must recognize that all of these foreign policy failures are minuscule when we turn our gaze towards Iran. Not even mentioned by the main stream media comes the second threat in just two weeks by a top Iranian commander. Brigadier General Hossein Salami, of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, boasted on saturday this his forces have plans in place to attack the United States from within, should the U.S. attack Iran. He goes on to state that, “America, with its strategic ignorance, does not have a full understanding of the Islamic Republic”. Furthermore he adds that,”we have recognized America’s military strategy, and have arranged our abilities by identifying centers in America [for attack] that will create a shock”.

Hossein-Salami-10-e1391313435440Reports also indicate that terrorist Hezzbolah forces have infiltrated the United States and have mapped out targets. These threats come at the heels of February 1st’s initial installment of 500 million dollars in frozen assets to Iran under the 6 month “agreement” over Iran’s nuclear program.The “deal” in total is set to release over 4 billion dollars. This comes after just two months ago the people of Tehran chanted “death to America” in celebration of their overthrow of our embassy 34 years ago.

To recap, I cannot stress enough that President Barack Obama’s foreign policy is an utter failure for he has neglected history in a way that undermines our power, jeopardizes our nations security and strengthens our enemies ability to one day bring terrorism to our front door. In a statement by Elie Wiesel, a Noble Peace prize laureate, made that confirms my concerns he says, “the words and actions of the leadership of Iran leave no doubt as to their intentions”.

The next few sentences should leave you to question the true intentions by Obama, for what I see as a failure, this adminstration sees as a success. Elie writes, “Should we who believe in life trust a regime [Iran] whom our own State Department lists as one of the worlds foremost sponsors of terrorism”?

History has taught us to trust the threats of our enemies more than the promises of our friends and leaders. Our enemies are making serious threats. It is time to take them seriously. It is time for Americans to recognize that our President does not keep his promises before, god forbid, our enemies keep theirs.


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