1. Hi:
        I am involved with a large network on LinkedIn. These people are drawn from many fields with emphasis on authors of famous and infamous books, a large array of media types, a great spectrum of journalists etc. You would be a welcome addition if you chose to take part. One group we have is Government in Transition which discusses the current political scene. This group is small, growing and has a very good participation rate. If you can please avail yourself of this network and group. Thanks, Mark Davis,MD. 2/6/2014

      2. There are several ways that your words can be amplified in our LinkedIn network. We have approximately 8,400 people in our network and its growing daily. If you join you can post on the public home page that many in and outside this network read. Also if you post in the group Government in Transition your comments and topics will be displayed on the public network as well. I am privileged to be invited on all types of radio shows if we are discussing a topic that you posted the reference will be made back to you. Thanks, Mark Davis.

      3. Hey mark, I will definatley do this as soon as I’m off work tonight as I still need to create a linkedin account. I appreciate this opportunity and will immediately begin to post on the group! In the mean time, feel free to use any of my articles as their are quiet a few that I’ve written so far. Thank you again!
        Nick Short

      4. Hey Mark, I created a Linkedin account and am having trouble figuring out how I would join your group. Would you be able to send me their link so that I can join?

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