Appeals Court Bans the American Flag In School , An Underlying Issue

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The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on February 27th that a students freedom of expression in the form of an American flag t-shirt cannot be expressed at a California high school due to the fear that the flag would,”enflame the passions of Latino student’s celebrating the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo”. The case initially came about May 5th of 2010 and was thrusted into the national spotlight on thursday as we learned of the 9th Circuit’s ruling.

The Court affirmed the school officials actions at the northern California high school, in which, administrators ordered Caucasian students wearing American flag t-shirts to turn them inside out or be sent home on the Mexican holiday. The context of the appeal decision reveals an underlying issue with regards to the rule of law and education that is now justified in defending anti-American ideologies.

According to the appeal decision, which you can read fully HERE, the first incident came about in 2009 when Caucasian students hung a makeshift American flag on a tree on campus and began clapping and chanting “U.S.A”. In response to “the white students flag raising, one Mexican student shouted f*** them white boys, f*** them white boys”. When assistant principal Miguel Rodriguez told the Mexican student to stop swearing, the student said, “they are being racist. They are the racists. F*** them white boys. Lets f*** them up”. Rodriguez responded by simply removing the student from the area and no further action was taken.

A few hours later another incident came about in which a different Caucasian student wearing an American flag t-shirt was approached by a Mexican male student, who, in the words of the testimony, “shoved a Mexican flag at him and said something in Spanish expressing anger at the students shirt”.

At this point it should become abundantly clear over who the aggressor is, seen in their incitement of violence in uttered in one simple “lets f*** them white boys up” phrase. The liberal media will claim that the Caucasian student provoked a response from the Mexican students, but their claim is simply un-justified for the actions and words of the Mexican student’s tell a different story. Remember that the Caucasian students only hung a flag and chanted, “U.S.A”, while the Mexican students chanted, “lets f*** them white boys up”.

Finally we get to the incident in question that took part in 2010 in which the Court decided to rule in favor of school officials and their decision to deny Caucasian students their freedom of expression. On May 5th, 2010 a group of Caucasian students wore American flag t-shirts to school that offended Mexican students for this was their “holiday” not Americans. During the lunch break assistant principal Rodriguez was told by a group of Mexican students that, “they were concerned about a group of students wearing the American flag”. The Mexican students further stated to Rodriguez that, “there might be some problems” if the White students continued to represent the American flag. Rodriguez took it to mean their would be a direct threat of physical aggression if the flag bearing students didn’t turn their shirts inside out or head directly home.

The flag bearers, once confronted by Rodriguez of their predicament, decided to head home and a lawsuit was filled against the school which brings us to where we are today. The underlying problem of this incident shows just how far the Court and school’s are willing to go in treating the basic symbol of our country, the American flag, as a threat by allowing this kind of racial precedent to become established.