Dan Bongino at CPAC 2014: We’re Losing to a Party That’s Creating Nothing But Chaos, Liberalism is Decimating Lives


“.. we are losing to a party that is creating nothing but chaos. Ladies and gentlemen is very different to make the argument that liberalism is not helping. It’s not that it’s not helping folks it is actually decimating, its decimating lives families generations of families and cultural institutions..

The former Secret Service agent delivered a great speech at CPAC 2014 warning the trouble ahead if we allow liberals to rule the nation. I’m not sure if the tough love Bongino delivered on taxes, obamacare and education connected with the crowd by the sound of applause but he said things that had to be said. Liberals/ progressives for some unknown reason have been permitted to split the nation into two Americas which is creating chaos socially and economically. Bongino pointed out conservatives are talking about the Laffer curve while libs want to talk about emotions and feelings. The left is…

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