Liberal/Progressive — What’s In A Name?


It doesn’t matter much to me whether you call me a ‘liberal’ or a ‘progressive’. But preferably as part of a civil discourse.

Sadly, some of my relatives and acquaintances are so filled with hate (and the fears that underlay hate), that they can’t discuss politics without name calling and insults. I feel sorry for them if they are so insecure, that the idea that someone doesn’t share their world view, and has the temerity to have opinions different from theirs is very frightening to them. What a boring world this would be if everyone thought alike!

So many on the far right seem to think that ‘liberal’, ‘socialist’, ‘communist’ and ‘traitor’ are synonymous. It seems clear to me that they are just parroting what they’ve heard on Clear Channel talk radio or Fox, and don’t understand what those words really mean. They are just seen as epithets to be…

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