United States of Socialist America

USA-To understand how socialism would look in today’s America, one must understand that they perceive reality in a way that is utterly anti-American. Beginning with the hatred of capitalism to the illusion of our country as a failure. We must look at how socialism from a radical perspective, would go about fundamentally changing our country into their utopian fantasy known as The United States of Socialist America.

For starters, the universal concept that all socialists of past and present history consider to be the root of all evil is capitalism. Joel Kovel a proponent of eco-socialism and former Professor at Bard college, defines capitalism as something truly pathological. He writes, “Capitalism could be called a kind of metastasizing cancer, a disease that demands radical treatment and revolutionary change. Socialism is a movement to supersede capitalism because the present crisis [capitalism] is driven by the accumulation of capital [wealth]”.

Kovel’s statement captures the unifying belief of all socialists when it comes to their radical view of capitalism. Socialists believe that capitalism is a disease that must be stopped before it metastasizes into what it creates, wealth. Moreover, wealth creates inequality which is socialisms underlying “fundamental” nemesis. Capitalism is such a vilid nemesis to the socialists cause because it pits people against each other with the incentive of becoming prosperous. This drive to achieve “more than the other guy” by working for the accumulation of wealth to support yourself in whatever you may choose is inherently the evils of capitalism seen from a socialists lens.

The justification for socialists “means” are another universal factor that unites them in their pursuit of the “ends”. Take for example Ajamu Baraka, the founding executive director of the U.S. Human Right’s Network, and his statements regarding socialism’s justification. According to Baraka, “The only thing exceptional about the United States is its moral hypocrisy”. Therefore, “for socialism to succeed, it has to base itself on a new ethics–a higher morality that rejects the vulgar materialism of capitalist society”. Using the same rhetoric of Kovel, Baraka assumes that in his quest for an ideal socialist U.S. the means “a new ethics” justify the ends “a higher morality”.

This is the golden rule of socialism that personifies their relentless pursuit for a utopian paradise, in which capitalism is abolished. Destroyed and transferred “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need”. This is the cornerstone of their argument and in lesser terms, the redistribution of wealth is the crux of what their argument truly means.

The alternative “new way” of organizing society towards socialism follows Frances Fox Piven’s strategy. He stated, “The values that have inspired movements for socialism in the past should serve as our guide for socialism today”. Those values being, “a society with sharply reduced inequalities in both material circumstances and social status”. Meaning, everyone should have the same status without the incentive for creating an accumulation of material circumstances [wealth] because those material circumstances would simply not exist.


Incentives would not exist because socialists believe in their utopian agenda, where work would be seen as secondary because it only creates capitalistic dreams of individual achievement to obtain goals in order to become apart of the inclusive culture [the wealthy]. By killing this dream of becoming wealthy, people slowly become dependent upon each other and ultimately end up solely dependent upon the state. Piven further goes on to state, in regards to a decreased incentive, “A guaranteed income not conditioned on work would strengthen the market power of low wage workers”. Since socialism has no other target group besides the poor and the rich, Pivens strategy, like the concept of socialism is inherently flawed.

As Margaret Thatcher put it, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people money”.

The socialist movement is hear in today’s America and one must only look at the parallels between the definitions given by Kovel, Piven and Ajamu Baraka to see that today’s America, is truly becoming the United States of Socialist America. The words the government and President Barack Obama use may be different, but their goals are all the same.

As David Horowitz so eloquently stated, “The effort to transform natural inequalities into social equality could only lead to greater, more brutal inequality; the socialist effort to transform individual diversity into social unity can only lead to the totalitarian state”.

If you take away anything from this article let it be this, progressives and liberal’s are socialists. With some being more outspoken than others such as New York’s Mayor Bill De’Blasio and President Barack Obama. Nonetheless, if someone claims to be a liberal or a progressive they are truly a socialist and their victories are visible all around us today.


Under the banner of expanding rights, they have transformed the idea of America and the Constitution from a covenant to secure liberties to a claim for entitlements. They have expanded the powers of the federal government through Executive Orders, The I.R.S., The E.P.A., The F.B.I., etc.

 They have constricted the realm of freedom. They have eroded the private economy and stifled individual initiative. Through rase based legislation and the concept of group rights, they have subverted the neutrality of the law and the very idea of Americas national identity. 


  1. Capitalism; The idea that other people owe me rent to survive.
    Socialism: The idea that they don’t.

    It’s trivial to flip this around if you’re not going to bother being objective. Strawmen are really easy to beat up.

    A society that deprives you of the ability to survive, immiserates you below what you could get in the state of nature, is unjust. That’s not selfishness: that’s basic contract law. That’s what we face today.

    Extrinsic incentives empirically don’t work: see Alfie Kohn’s Punished By Rewards as well as pretty much any non-ideological modern economist. Even the hardcore Skinnerites don’t believe the strict mechanical incentive nonsense anymore. Moreover, many people constructing alternatives to capitalism absolutely have incentives for work. Mindful markets are based on Smith’s logic and have jobs very consistent with modern societies. Parecon has remuneration for effort and sacrifice. In capitalism, meanwhile, Paris Hilton has no incentive to work ever again. Millions of people in capitalism have zero incentive to do anything productive: they’ve already made more than they would ever need to survive.

    Worse, giving someone an incentive to do something destructive is, well, bad. Every corporation that made money off of cheap petrochemicals (in other words, every corporation) destroyed the capability for future survival for temporary profit. Or do you applaud hitmen, who follow financial incentives to murder?

    Thatcher’s witticisms can be flipped around easily too: “The problem with a monopoly is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”. What do you call a three-fold increase in the price of water in Bolivia? There is no alternative product for water. If you’re dying of thirst in the desert and I have a water bottle, I can basically demand an infinite price from you, because I’m negotiating under duress. Numerous corporations do the same thing: negotiate for an essential good or utility.

    I strongly recommend you read David Horowitz’s debate with Michael Albert (https://zcomm.org/znet-david-horowitz-debates/): the man gets obliterated, unable to even understand the terminology his opponent uses let alone engage with it in any meaningful way.

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