President Barack Obama will not ‘Enforce the law’

obama1_mc0jirOn Wednesday the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4138, better known as the “ENFORCE the Law Act of 2014” drafted in the House by Representative Trey Gowdy. The bill was presented in order to, “protect the separation of powers in the Constitution of the United States by ensuring that the President take care that the laws be faithfully executed”. Exposing Barack Obama’s hypocrisy and his Constitutional obligation to enforce the law (or lack thereof), the adminstration responded immediately in typical hypocritical fashion.

The White House responded in their Statement of Adminstration Policy claiming the President would veto the bill. The reason being, “it violates the separation of powers by purporting to permit the Congress to challenge in court the exercise by the President of one of his core Constitutional functions–taking care that the Federal laws are faithfully executed”. In the words of John Boehner, “the fact that the President would threaten to veto a measure requiring him to uphold his Constitutional obligations underscores why this bill is needed”.

Even though the bill will most likely die in the Senate and never reach Obama’s desk, the fact that a bill requiring Obama to literally follow the law would be vetoed, should speak for itself. As the President gets to decide which laws he is going to enforce, Americans on the other hand, must follow the law. We aren’t afforded Obama’s luxury because we are held accountable to our actions.

This bill was designed to curb the abuse of Presidential authority in Obama’s frequent changes to the law most notably being Obamacare and most recently immigration reform. Acting with complete disregard to Congress, the Constitution and the American people, the President  of the United States becomes a man who is more powerful than a nation of laws.

Case in point being the late-night announcement from the White House on Thursday in which Obama vowed to examine deportations “without congress to ease the suffering caused by deportations”. In directing his Homeland Security chief, Jeh Johnson, to review America’s deportation program, we are given a prime example of how executive overreach is this Presidents’ policy.

In an undisclosed private meeting at the oval office on Thursday night, Obama met with Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill. to discuss immigration reform. Less we forget that this is the same Democrat, who back in October demanded Obama stop deportations if amnesty was not passed by acting unilaterally without congress. Now, that same Democrat is shaping Obama’s next unilateral move that will more than likely come in the form of the President directly declaring he will “ease” deportations by indirectly refusing to enforce the law.

“By unilaterally declaring” is an understatement of Obama’s hypocrisy, for his hypocrisy is his policy and his policy is hypocrisy.

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