Krauthammer: Obama’s Response to Putin’s Aggression is Humiliating

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Not only a chronic liar and fond of practicing open and creepy deceit, the American president, Barack Obama outted a mouth of mush responding to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the Crimea is a humiliation to Western society, remindful of the Chamberlain days of stripping Czechoslovakia for Peace.

But then, after twenty-two year’s associated with the black racist, Jeremiah Wright, as his father-figure and mentor, an honest person should wonder where the present president’s allegiances really lie. After all, isn’t it Barack Obama overt policy to weaken America politicially, militarily, educationally, and economically to make it more equal to the populations of the third world? He’s a Marxist, isn’t he?

Charles Krauthammer reviews the bold Obama’s response to the Putin Soviet-like invasion and annexation of Crimea:

(video found at realclearpolitics)

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