[VIDEO] Rehearsal: White House Press Secretary Gets Questions from Reporters Before Press Briefing

pundit from another planet

white-house-podium The Weekly Standard  reports: A  CBS  reporter from Arizona reveals that President Obama’s press secretary,  Jay Carney , receives questions from the press in advance of his daily press briefing. In fact, she says, the reporters often receive the  answers  in advance of the briefing, too.

“…unless it’s something breaking, the questions that the reporters actually ask — the correspondents — they are provided to him in advance. So then he knows what he’s going to be answering and sometimes those correspondents and reporters also have those answers printed in front of them, because of course it helps when they’re producing their reports for later on. So that was very interesting.”

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  1. News is managed by the WH. Obama’s deceptions go mainstream in this fashion. Yet no matter how the President attempts to deceive the public, such as in the manner suggested here, truth always rises to the surface.

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