Dividing America from Within and Isolating Us from the World

constitution-with-franklin-quote-2-e1336601643130The United States of America is dying.

We once stood as a nation united in strength, in purpose and in pride. We once had the strength to come together when our country swayed upon the precipice of collapse for we had purpose in our pride that challenged us to overcome the defeat of our enemies. We once had a foreign policy that projected strength justified by action not by hollow rhetoric and empty threats.

We were once proud to be regarded as the singular “leader of the free world”.

Today, our once respected nation is becoming isolated due to our foreign policy being in a state of retreat. While at home our nation is completely divided by polarizing issues predicated on deceit. Consequently our enemies become embolden and our allies become distraught the more divided we ourselves become.

We ignore American rights for the desires of politicians while allowing ourselves to become divided by their corruption. Politicians who make false claims appear as evidence of truth upon divisive issue after divisive issue even when their found to be corrupt without reason. Bills are passed without faith or oversight and laws are enforced out of political motivation.

Abroad our enemies become distant foes as we seek to appease their malevolent behaviors and at the same time malevolent behavior is what we display towards our closest allies. The leadership of our country has no direction and knows his course of action has become futile.

The President has now become the punchline for the world to see as our enemies take advantage of his willingness to appease. With delusions of grandeur our President believes he possesses a superior quality while the press reports on daily omnipotence. Accountability is something he is above as his own policies can never fail, for when they do, the fault is his opponents and never his own.

If America is to overcome this division that the President has created in our society we must be willing to let go of the lies, deceit and misplaced hatred we have now placed against one another. We must accept that we are becoming more weak and divided by a leader pushing us over the precipice of collapse as his truths become lies and his lies come to fruition. Holding those accountable that have escaped accountability is of utter importance for our Republic.

If we can’t accept the truth of the reality we see in front of our very eyes and instead choose to believe the lies perpetrated against us by our leadership, then we will inevitably meet our fate as a country divided dies a loathsome death.


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