Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy of Anti-Americanism


Barack Obama’s foreign policy projects a double standard in which his supposed “successes” have become more dangerous than his failures. Thomas Sowell of Hoover Institute writes “Obama, in his citizen-of-the world conception of himself, thinks that the United States already has too much power and needs to be deflated”. In viewing Obama’s repeated sacrifices of American national interests as deliberate, one can begin to understand the administrations’ anti-American foreign policy.

Dinesh D’Souza of the American Enterprise Institute defines Obama’s view of America as being apart of a “multipolar world”. This is a world in which, “the American era is over as we become just one power in the great dining table of nations”. Seen through this lens, Obama’s “successes” become just as dangerous as his failures.The collapse of U.S.-Russian relations over the Crimea region in the Ukraine serves as the latest foreign policy failure, or “success”, depending on your viewpoint.

James Carafano of the Heritage Network addresses this concern by noting that, “Mr. Obama’s foreign policy has rested almost entirely on the assumption that competitors could be enticed to cooperate”. Furthermore, “Lacking was a Plan B–a plan of action for what to do when competitors don’t play ball. The President’s first instinct was to be risk-averse and do nothing. But that isn’t a sustainable strategy. A global power can’t hide under the cover’s”. Carafano is alluding to the notion of Obama’s view of America becoming apart of a “multipolar world” but Carafano neglects to discuss the bigger picture.

Carafano misses the main point of Obama’s overall foreign policy, in that there is no need for a Plan B when Plan A was meant to fail in the first place. In a “multipolar world” Obama’s failure in lacking a Plan B, a plan of action for what to do when Russia doesn’t play ball, becomes another success in diminishing America’s global influence.

Nowhere has this become more evident than in the Middle East. Daniel Greenfield of the Freedom Center writes, “The U.S. has become a fading shadow in the Middle East; a power vacuum waiting to be filled by a nuclear arms race and battlefields of the dead”. The reason for this is because of Obama’s nuclear pandering to Ira, which has effectively isolated the U.S. from our allies. “No country in the Middle East trusts the U.S.”, writes Greenfield. Egypt despises Obama. The Saudis insult him. The rest don’t even bother to do that much”.

Egypt despises Obama not only for his inaction but also for his support of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama praised Islamist President Mohamed Mursi and condemned the Egyptian people for overthrowing the “democratically” elected terrorist last year. In this “multipolar world” the Egyptian people have come to the harsh realization of what it means to be considered a foreign policy “success” (Muslim Brotherhood in power) and a failure (revolution against the Muslim Brotherhood) under Obama’s foreign policy. In essence, Egyptians learned that they could no longer rely on America.

The Obama adminstration “successfully” showed the world that the American era of power was over with the crossing of a thin red line in Syria. In a statement made by Barack Obama two years ago, the President warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that if he crossed a “red line” by using biological weapons there would be “enormous consequences” with a U.S. military response.

A year later Assad decided to use chemical weapons and Obama responded by declaring “I didn’t set a red line. The world did”. But when he went to the world and asked them to join him in enforcing “their” red line, the British Parliament voted no and NATO declined to help.

With the world now watching to see how the White House would respond without Britain or NATO, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin woke from hibernation. Putin offered a deal to have Syria disarmed and Obama jumped on the Russia-engineered face-saving opportunity. Thus, the anti-American foreign policy of Barack Obama was put on international display as Putin shamed American exceptionalism in the NewYorkTimes. To this day Assad remains embolden and armed with his chemical weapons while Putin could careless as Russia marches into the Ukraine.

The anti-American foreign policy of the Obama adminstration doesn’t end with just emboldening our enemies, Obama must also abandon our allies. It was once beyond conceivable to think the United States would abandon our most powerful ally in Israel, yet this exactly what Obama is doing by relieving sanctions against Iran under a mysterious nuclear deal.

On March 18th Israeli Defense Minster Moshe Ya’alon issued a scathing critique of the Obama adminstration as reported by The Times of Israel. Ya’alon stated,”Israel could not afford to rely on the Obama adminstration to lead an action against Iran’s nuclear program, Israel can only rely on itself”. Furthermore, Ya’alon went on to warn that if the U.S. continued to show weakness internationally, our own national security would be severely damaged.

“If you wait at home”, states Ya’alon “terror will come calling again. This is a war of civilizations. If you are perceived to be weak, that certainly does not pay in the world. I hope the U.S. will reassert itself”. This shouldn’t be taken lightly as Iran isn’t shy about declaring their intentions of destroying Israel

Another Senior Minister in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cabinet anonymously joined Ya’alon in criticizing Obama’s foreign policy a few days later on March 20th as reported by The Jerusalem Post. The Senior Minister states, “the Americans’ handling of the crisis in Ukraine proved that Israel could no longer rely on the United States. The lessons of this crisis scream to the sky”, the minister said. “U.S. foreign policy is collapsing all over the world. America showing weakness in Russia has implications on the Palestinian front. Israel cannot be Ukraine”.

Negotiating and siding with Iran under secretly held talks without advising Israel isn’t the only example of Obama abandoning Israel for their enemies, enter Palestine. In an example of Obama’s sure naivety, the President sat down with Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas with hopes in restarting peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

As the President believes these two countries can negotiate peace he seems to forget, or simply doesn’t care, how Palestine views Israel. Palestine doesn’t regard Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people and that is all that needs to be said. Therefore, when Israel claims that the U.S. is jeopardizing not only their countries security but our own, we must look towards the handling of Iran, Syria, Egypt, Ukraine and Palestine to confirm such fears.

So as a communist lectures us on the importance of freedom while invading another country, you should be alarmed of both Obama’s foreign policy failures and supposed “successes”. Things have become backwards when anti-Americanism is not only projected by the President but has become accepted as the norm.



  1. Excellent article, Nick. Very astute observations, and very much on the money. I’ll be reading through what you’ve posted so far, and I look forward to more from you.

    1. Thank you TC!
      I really appreciate it and look forward to reading your articles as well. I’m trying to reach and hopefully influence as many millennials my age as possible. Its pretty sad to see basically everyone in my generation (being 24) so unattached from the things going on domestically and foreignly. Im just trying to understand it in the simplest form. Which, when you look at Obama’s foreign policy as being anti-American, it makes sense.

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