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Roots of totalitarian liberalism

by Scott Johnson at PowerLine:

With the cashiering of Brendan Eich as Mozilla’s chief executive officer last week, we are struggling to understand what we have just seen. There is an important book that remains to be written about the totalitarian imperative at the heart of liberalism, and the insight into the nature of the larger forces at work is one of the many reasons Eich’s forced departure strikes a nerve. It is a revealing moment. This is where we are headed.

Former New York Times reporter Richard Bernstein took a stab at documenting the phenomenon in its manifestation as multiculturalism. In Dictatorship of Virtue, Bernstein writes that “the multiculturalist rhetoric has the rest of us on the run, on the run for fear of being branded…racist” and so on. “In such a way does multiculturalism limit discussion: it makes people feel afraid to say what…

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  1. Brendan Eich was a victim of the gay mafia. Most of us do not accept the thesis that 2 men and or 2 women sleeping together is either normal or a new lifestyle. State sanctioned perversion does not validate these arrangements either. Point: A minority of the population is now forcing its will, through the courts, on the rest of us. This is not tyranny but insanity. Mark Davis, MD

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