The liberals on the left and right, you caused this, all of this and still you blame others for your failures


Here we go again. Shootings and knifings are making headlines across America. The outcry from the liberal left is deafening, they don’t understand why it is happening. Well you “dumb masses” it’s happening because you set it all in motion and even encourage the carnage because you continue to make “gun-free zones” and advertise them as such. A person hell-bent on destruction and death can find no better or easier target than a gun-free zone, unarmed people are an easy target. When was the last time there was a successful mass killing or for that matter a vicious attack perpetrated on a place where people were armed(outside of a military combat zone)? Why does the violence stop when someone with a gun shows up?

What will be your new plan to stop the violence being perpetrated on “gun-free” zones, schools in particular? It is already against the law to have…

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